Berlin State Opera Cancels Robert Wilson Soccer Opera

Classic Arts News   Berlin State Opera Cancels Robert Wilson Soccer Opera
The Berlin State Opera has canceled Soccersongs, an opera commissioned to mark the finals of soccer's World Cup in Germany this summer, the company announced.

In a statement, the Staatsoper said that "the artistic visions of the team are not financially realizable because of the enormous technical expenditure [involved]."

Soccersongs, a collaboration between director Robert Wilson and composer Herbert Groenemeyer, was to feature robots, projection screens, and inflatable objects.

"The first big scene will be a soccer match with dinosaurs," Wilson said at a press conference last fall. "The second scene will show cavewomen and dinosaurs. It will be an event for the family."

The opera was to be part of a larger cultural program surrounding the finals, which includes dance, film, visual art, literature, and a soccer oratorio titled Die Tiefe des Raumes (The Depths of Space).

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