Best in Show: Book of Mormon's Gavin Creel On Wally Clemens, A Hound with a Penchant for Private Parts

News   Best in Show: Book of Mormon's Gavin Creel On Wally Clemens, A Hound with a Penchant for Private Parts's newest feature, Best in Show — a spotlight on Broadway personalities and their animal companions — continues with two-time Tony nominee Gavin Creel, who can currently be seen in the Tony-winning musical The Book of Mormon. Meet his pooch, Wally.

Gavin Creel and Wally
Gavin Creel and Wally

Read all about the singing actor's canine friend below.

What is your pet's name, and is there a story behind it? Wally Clemens Creel. One of my favorite movies of all time "WALL-E" had just come out, so I guess that name was on my mind. The middle name is my mom's maiden name.

Breed? Age? He'll be 7 on July 4th. I always say he's part hound, part asshole. Because he is.

How did you find your pet? North Shore Animal League. Incredible place in Port Washington, Long Island. What is the one thing your pet has eaten that he/she shouldn't have? A piece of rubber/possibly part of a tennis ball. All in, that was about an $8,000 mistake. Good boy.

What person, living or dead, does your pet remind you of and why? A 17-year-old moody autistic young man with bizarre child-phobia and racist tendencies.

Where does your pet sleep? In his crate.

Is this your first pet? If not, elaborate? I had pets growing up, but he is the first pet that is all mine to take care of.

Do you use a groomer, no groomer? Nope. Walls just sheds....and sheds......and sheds (and hates baths).

Do you dress your pet? If so, what is his or her favorite, or least favorite thing to wear? I used to love dressing him up in sweaters when he was little. He looked so handsome. I might have to do that again this fall.

Best Halloween costume? He posed as Spiderman for a magazine once. He was a total stud.

Best trip with your pet? Any time we can go to the country. He is incredible in the woods. He runs and runs and runs, and always comes when I call him. I love seeing him be free. Poor guy is just so not a city dog. Unfortunately, his daddy is.

Favorite Treat? He would fight me for a bully stick. But ooooh...the smell of those. Sheesh.

Does your pet do tricks/commands? He is so obedient and listens so well. I'm really proud of him for that.

If you could talk to your pet for five minutes, what would you ask him or her? " you realize, I have everything under control? You don't have to worry or be afraid, or protect anyone here. Can you please just be nice to everyone now?"

Does your pet have a best friend? He is obsessed with my friend Scarlett — she was the first person who ever babysat him when he was a puppy. He is so smart and remembers people, even when there are long periods of time between him seeing them. Even though she lives in London, when she came here to do Gentleman's Guide, the minute he saw her, he sprinted to her and dove onto his back and whined with glee. He adores her.

Gavin Creel and Wally
Gavin Creel and Wally

Is there a pet product you swear by that you can't live without? His muzzle. We have been through so much, and honestly, that thing has saved his life. People love to judge me for it, but he's safe, and I'm safe, and frankly, those who judge me, are safe, too.

If your pet was a character in a Broadway show, who would that character be? Sweeney Todd. Humorless, neurotic, vengeful, twisted.

If there was one thing you would want people to know about your pet, what would it be? He isn't actually mean. He's just afraid of the world, poor little sausage.

You and your pet go on a talk show. What is your anecdote about him/her or his/hers about you? I would demonstrate how there is one vocal warm up exercise that I do, that he hates and sings along with every single time I do it. It's crazy.

Most embarrassing thing your pet has ever done in public or when guests are over. He may have taken a tiny nibble on a former castmate's private parts. 'Twas not a banner day for either of us.

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