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You can't say Matt Servitto of "The Sopranos" never bid for his father. He did — or at least for the actor who played his father in the Keen Company's spring revival of I Never Sang for My Father, Keir Dullea. Servitto jumped in a number of times and jacked up the price at the auction he conducted June 16 for the Keen Company's fundraiser.

Dinner with Dullea and his wife, actress Mia Dillon, eventually went for $800.

Dullea’s portrayal of a self-absorbed, insensitive patriarch in Robert Anderson’s play received a rhapsodic critical reception last season. “I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen him do,” said the admittedly bias Dillon. “Keir called Vivian Matalon, the director, and asked, ‘What words of advice do you have for me?’ And Vivian said to him, ‘Don’t fall into the trap of trying to make the guy likable. He is not likable.”

The Dulleas frequently act together. Their next team effort will be A Delicate Balance, up at the Berkshire Theatre Festival in August and early September. “Keir and I are the neighbors who move in,” Dillon revealed. “Maureen Anderman is playing the wife, and Lisa Emery is the drunken sister. David Auburn, who wrote Proof, will be the director.”

— Harry Haun

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