Books on the Arts: Dan Morgenstern's Living With Jazz

Classic Arts News   Books on the Arts: Dan Morgenstern's Living With Jazz
Living With Jazz, a collection of writing by jazz historian, critic, and author Dan Morgenstern, was released this fall by Pantheon Books.

The volume, edited by Sheldon Meyer, collects the best of over four decades' worth of Morgenstern's work, including critical essays, record reviews, liner notes, and reports of live performances, as well as profiles of musicians such as Roy Eldridge, Miles Davis, Coleman Hawkins, and Lester Young.

A reviewer for the New York Times singled out the opening section on Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington as the book's strongest, bringing especial notice to Morgenstern's defense of Armstrong's later work, which infuriated purists with its Tin Pan Alley style.

The German-born and Austria-bred Morgenstern is the former editor of the magazines Metronome, Jazz, and Downbeat and has been a reviewer at the New York Post and Chicago Sun Times, as well as contributing to a number of music encyclopedias and anthologies. He has been the director of the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University since 1976.

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