'Boombox Symphony' to Return to New York Next Month

Classic Arts News   'Boombox Symphony' to Return to New York Next Month
Unsilent Night, composer Phil Kline's 13-year-old "boombox symphony," will be heard in the streets of New York's Greenwich Village on the evening of December 18.

The electronic work will also return to Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, Vancouver, and Middlesbrough, England this holiday season, and will make its first-ever trip to Australia.

Unsilent Night is performed by a parade of volunteers, each carrying a tape player with a cassette prepared by Kline, walking a pre-determined route from Washington Square Park to Tompkins Square Park. It was first heard in New York in 1992.

The piece, wrote Josef Woodard in the Los Angeles Times, is "a dreamy fruitcake of parts, tranquil even through its anarchy."

Volunteers should contact organizers in advance at the email addresses below and should bring their own boomboxes.

December 10, 4:30 p.m.: Middlesbrough UK (Judith_Croft@middlesbrough.gov.uk)
December 17, 7 p.m.: San Diego, CA (sounds@accretions.com)
December 17, 7 p.m.: Sydney, Australia (filmcement@gmail.com)
December 18, 7 p.m.: New York, NY (boombox@mindspring.com)
December 18, 7 p.m.: Vancouver, BC (colin@crypticmusic.ca)
December 19, 7 p.m.: Philadelphia, PA (www.relache.org)
December 21, 7 p.m.: San Francisco, CA (colinb@sonic.net)

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