Bounce Cast Recording Expected in Spring

News   Bounce Cast Recording Expected in Spring
The original cast album of the Stephen Sondheim-John Weidman musical Bounce, which was recorded by Nonesuch Nov. 10-11, 2003, will be released in spring, a spokesperson for the label said.
Richard Kind (left) and Howard McGillin in Bounce
Richard Kind (left) and Howard McGillin in Bounce Photo by Liz Lauren

A specific date will be announced soon.

Bounce is inspired by the lives of the colorful, early-20th-century, American capitalists-cum-con artists, the Mizner brothers, their parents, their loves and their endless capers and schemes.

Bounce officially opened at the Kennedy Center Oct. 30. It began previews on Oct. 21, following a world premiere at Chicago's Goodman Theatre, June 20-Aug. 10. The show received a great deal of press, despite the fact that producer Roger Berlind eventually decided not to bring the show to New York.

The new cast album will be about 75 minutes long, record producer Tommy Krasker previously told Playbill On-Line. "There is so much music to record, and Richard Kind and Howard McGillin's vocal parts are so huge, we've been given the unusual luxury of a second day of recording," Krasker said.

Krasker, founder of the PS Classics label, is producing the Bounce disc for Nonesuch Records. Krasker and Sondheim have collaborated before: Krasker produced cast recordings of Saturday Night, The Frogs and the New York Philharmonic's Sweeney Todd. The recording will be sweetened by 12 added strings and more percussion, Krasker confirmed. John Weidman previously told Playbill On-Line added players would expand the score (and Jonathan Tunick's orchestrations) for records. David Caddick is the show's musical director.

The song list, as it ran in Chicago, follows:

Act I
"Bounce," Wilson and Addison Mizner
"Opportunity," Papa, Addison, Wilson, Mama
"Gold!," Prospector Wilson, Mama, Addison, Alaskans
"Gold!," Poker Players
"What's Your Rush?," Nellie
"Next to You," Addison, Wilson, Mama
"Addison's Trip Around the World," Addison, Salesman, Guatemalans, Servants
"What's Your Rush?," Wilson, Mrs. Yerkes
"Alaska," Mrs. Yerkes, Wilson
"New York Sequence," Wilson, Nellie, Reporters, Photographer, Ketchel, Armstong, Jockey, Gamblers, Policeman, Wilson's Women
"The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me," Wilson, Nellie
"Isn't He Something?," Mama
"Bounce," Addison

Act II
"The Game," Addison, Nellie, Wilson, Promoter
"Talent," Hollis
"You," Addison, Hollis, Aristocrats
"Addison's City," Hollis, Wilson, Addison, Nellie
"Boca Raton," Boca Girl, Sportsmen, Fashion Models, Yachtsmen, Caruso, Salvador Dali, Wilson, Addison, Nellie, Hollis, Prospector, Varmints, Bobby Jones, Mae West, Princess Ghika, Chorus
"Last Flight," Addison, Wilson
"Bounce," Wilson, Addison

In an earlier interview with Playbill On-Line, Weidman said that "Alaska" had been cut from the score and replaced with a different song. Also, "You Are the Best Thing That Ever Has Happened to Me," a ballad which Michele Pawk and Howard McGillin sang a full version of very close to the end of the first act, has been moved to earlier in the act.

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