Brick Theatre Announced Line-Up of Summer "Moral Values" Fest

News   Brick Theatre Announced Line-Up of Summer "Moral Values" Fest
The Brick Theatre, a rising performance space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, has announced the full lineup of its June 3-July 3 "Moral Values Festival," in which it promises to explore, exploit and expose America's moral values.

"We were inspired by the focus of the 2004 elections on morality," said Brick Theater, Inc. co-founder Michael Gardener in a statement. "If moral values can elect the leadership of the country, then maybe they're equal to the task of programming our summer festival. Of course, we can't speak to the effect this will have on our theater?s foreign policy initiatives."

Some highlights of the 28-play festival include:

Dear Dubya: Patriotic Love Letters to "Actual e mails to the award-winning political parody website are performed in rapid succession. Included are outraged complaints over presumed-genuine federal initiatives ('Operation Mandatory Patriotic Tattoo' and the 'Iron Hymen' girls abstinence-only program), bizarre misaddressed advice letters to President Bush, and vicious hate mail threatening bodily harm and God's vengeance on the site's presumably deviant creators. Curated and written by the founder John A. Wooden, America's only satirist whose work so thoroughly annoys the Bush Administration, he received a legalese nastygram on White House stationery."

Lulu: A Peep Show. "Taken from the Wedekind plays, Lulu is the latest in Michael Gardener's continuing experiments in disquieting environmental theater. Adapted from Frank Wedekind's rarely seen uncensored original (Pandora's Box: A Monster's Tragedy), Lulu: A Peep Show sets the famous unabashed nymphet in her small, curtained dressing room. There, she recreates herself for the pleasure of her endless parade of lovers."

My Year of Porn by Cole Kazdin and Directed by Ivanna Cullinan. "One female journalist's real life adventures while producing a documentary on pornography. Her adventures in the porn world lead her under train tracks into a bizarre swinger club, onto porn sets, and into the suburban depths of Southern California." • Françoise changes her mind (the things bondage can do) by Robert Honeywell. "From the writer-director of the critically acclaimed Jenna is nuts (string theory can be bad for your health), Françoise changes her mind is a total examination of 'moral values' in the extreme—extreme sex colliding with extreme religion. Two nerds who almost became a nun and a priest fall in love and get kinky, pushing their boundaries with a little bondage in a bathtub. When they spice it up with readings from Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam—the greatest hits of God—the game-playing pushes buttons neither expected and threatens to spin out of control."

Ladies' Auxiliary Telephone Bee. "A one-night only event in which politicized performers call activists, specialists, and interested parties on all sides of a common debate to interview them live about their experiences."

A Song Sampling from The Banger's Flopera, book/lyrics by Kirk Wood Bromley, composed by John Gideon and directed by Ben Yalom. "A Musical Perversion is a cabaret performance of songs from a 'perversion' of that infamous tale of high class lowlifes, The Beggar's Opera. This is a musical for a world in which liars win elections, gangstas make bank, and the site gets 1 million hits a day."

Complete festival participants, dates and times will be released in the coming weeks. Tickets to each show are $10 and are available by calling SmartTix at (212) 868-4444 or online at

The Brick Theater is located at 575 Metropolitan Avenue (between Union Avenue and Lorimer Street) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The Brick and its non-profit company, The Brick Theater, Inc. were founded in September of 2002 by Robert Honeywell and Michael Gardener.  Formerly an auto-body shop, a storage space and a yoga center, this brick walled garage was refurbished into a dance/theater complex.

The Summer Festival series began in 2004 with "The Hell Festival."

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