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Classic Arts News   British Library Posts Digital Version of Mozart Manuscript =
The British Library is honoring the 250th anniversary of the composer's birth with an online version of his musical diary and audio clips of rarely performed compositions.

The library has posted a digital version of the original manuscript of Mozart's Verzeichn‹ss aller meiner Werke ("Catalogue of All My Works"), which contains 30 pages and 75 musical introductions to his best-known compositions.

Viewers can "virtually" turn the remarkably clear digitized pages of the handwritten manuscripts at, and zoom in for a closer look. An additional click lets users hear the introductions performed by members of the Royal College of Music. These include the opening bars of rarely-performed compositions such as the "Little March in D," which according to the library, has never been recorded before.

The Verzeichn‹ss aller meiner Werke, which was given to the library in 1986, details 145 works written by Mozart between 1784 and his death in 1791. On the left-hand side of each page Mozart listed five compositions, their dates of completion, titles, and instrumentation. He sometimes included details about the performers and commissioners. On the right-hand side of the page Mozart wrote the first bars of each work.

The British Library also announced that it has reunited two halves of a long-divided Mozart manuscript. The manuscript was penned by Mozart as a teenager, and later cut in half by his widow, Constanze. Both halves were in private collections in Europe; the lower half of the manuscript was bequeathed to the British Library in the 1950s, and it recently acquired the upper half . On one side of the manuscript are two piano cadenzas; on the other, a minuet for string quartet.

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