Broadway Green Alliance Launches Theatre Greening Advisor and Greener Lighting Guide

News   Broadway Green Alliance Launches Theatre Greening Advisor and Greener Lighting Guide
The Broadway Green Alliance (BGA) — an industry-wide initiative focused on "enhancing Broadway's environmental profile by adopting preferable practices and promoting awareness in the creation and presentation of Broadway shows" — celebrates its fifth year with the launch of a new online Theatre Greening Advisor.

The NRDC Theatre Greening Advisor is an online guide to help theatres across the country implement environmentally intelligent practices. Over two years of work has gone into the creation of this online environmental resource for the theatre community, and the NRDC Theatre Greening Advisor is available at no cost to all theatre productions worldwide.

The new BGA Greener Lighting Guide, designed to help compare greener stage lighting instruments, is linked to the NRDC Theatre Greening Advisor, and both launch Jan. 27.

"In the past five years, the Broadway Green Alliance has become a part of nearly all Broadway productions, and now is working with Off-Broadway, regional theatres, colleges, and many other venues and shows in and outside of the United States," said Charlie Deull, co-chair of the Broadway Green Alliance, in a statement. "We are grateful to the NRDC for its work on the NRDC Theatre Greening Advisor, which will be a valuable tool for the many BGA participants and allies working to make theatre, and the planet, greener."

In collaboration with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the BGA's early goal was to "assess theatre production and disseminate information about environmentally preferable options to the Broadway theatre community including producers, theatre owners, designers, managers, design shops and others. Collectively, the Broadway community has achieved meaningful accomplishments during the first five years of this long-term initiative, including the shift to energy efficient lighting throughout the Great White Way. As a result of this work, Broadway is now a leader in environmental sustainability in the global theatre industry."

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