Bunraku-Puppet Medea Set for LaMaMa Beginning March 13

News   Bunraku-Puppet Medea Set for LaMaMa Beginning March 13
LaMaMa will take another look at Euripides' Medea with a new Bunraku puppet-inspired world-premiere production from Theodora Skipitares, which will begin performances March 13.

Theodora Skipitares has designed and will direct the work, which begins many years before Euripides' drama. "Medea is a child who lives at the edge of the Black Sea and has profound magical powers, falls in love with the handsome Jason, and helps him steal the Golden Fleece. The story moves forward in time to Corinth, where Medea is abandoned by Jason for the young daughter of the King," according to production notes.

Theodora Skipitares and co-designer Cecilia Schiller incorporate various styles of puppets into the production — including life-size Bunraku-style creations — as well as masks, live music and video projection.

Medea features an original musical score by Tim Schellenbaum, lighting design by Pat Dignan and video projections by Kay Hines.

Award-winner Theodora Skipitares made her LaMaMa debut with Underground in 1992. Her productions also include Trilogy, The Age of Invention, Defenders of the Code, Under the Knife and Iphigenia.

Medea will run through March 30 at LaMaMa's Annex. Tickets are available by calling (212) 475-7710 or by visiting www.lamama.org. LaMaMa e.t.c. is located at 74A East 4th Street in Manhattan.

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