CELEB PlayBlogger Ace Young: March 23

PlayBlog   CELEB PlayBlogger Ace Young: March 23
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photo by Joan Marcus"]Ace Young in <I>Hair</I> photo by Joan Marcus[/caption]

We are happy to welcome guest celebrity blogger Ace Young, the former "American Idol" finalist who made his Broadway debut in the recent revival of Grease. The Grammy-nominated artist, who is currently back on Broadway in the Tony-winning revival of Hair, will blog for Playbill.com all week; his second entry follows:


I've had the pleasure of eating a ton of amazing food from all over the world. But, I have always been a huge fan of the All-American Hamburger. I've had them everywhere...and I want to save you the trouble of searching.

In & Out has a very tasty burger if you say the magic words "animal style"...this means they will cover it in their special sauce and you will eat it in two seconds because once you smell it, your tongue will begin to water. Good burger.

5 Napkin Burger has "The Original" that is jam packed with meat, cooked onions, mayo, and your choice of additions...it hits your stomach like a ten-pound weight and has some really great french fries to lighten the load.

FuddRuckers has a very tasty quarter pounder that is like heaven on earth...once you add the potato wedges it will take you over the moon.

Shake Shack is so amazing - it's like you're not eating a burger at all...more like a doughnut filled with burger goodness and a Strawberry Shake that will make you go into a tranquil coma.

But all these Burgers don't have the ability to make me shop at only one place. I find myself bouncing around from one to another. There is only one BERGER that is so fulfilling it keeps you coming back day and night, night and day. It's on 45th Street at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre. They have a strong, loving, sexy, sweaty, manly BERGER that's in the best show in the world.

There's a new BERGER in town.

See you soon...


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