CELEB PlayBlogger John Tartaglia: March 11

PlayBlog   CELEB PlayBlogger John Tartaglia: March 11

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We're happy to welcome guest celebrity blogger Tony Award nominee John Tartaglia, who is best known for his acclaimed performances in Avenue Q and Shrek the Musical. The Emmy-nominated performer is also the creator of Imaginocean, a new family musical adventure that will begin performances at New World Stages March 17. Tartaglia is blogging all week; his third entry follows:

So here we are in our first real full day of tech rehearsal!

It’s such a different experience to tech a show as part of the creative team as opposed to being a performer. It’s a lot more work this way! It’s also so amazing to watch it all come together.

This morning started out with our weekly advertising and marketing meeting. We got to see our upcoming ad in the Sunday New York Times. Amazing! Make sure you check it out this Sunday... It’s right next to the ABC’s and is in living color! I guess that makes us officially official.

Our incredible cast continue to just bloom in this show. Each time we run the show, they find more nuances and opportunities. The characters have totally come to life on the stage. Our team is amazing: Robert Kovach, our set designer, has created such a beautiful underwater environment. The Puppet Kitchen has built such gorgeous puppets, and my co-producers, Philip Katz and Michael Shawn Lewis, astound me with how on track they’ve kept everything, and how dedicated they are to seeing this show go as far as it can. William Wade has written such a lush, beautiful score that features a full orchestra and ranges from pop to R&B to swing... And, of course, our multi-talented director Donna Drake, knows this show backwards and forwards. I also have to correct myself — in my excitement yesterday I misspelled our fabulous stage manager’s name: Emilie Schoenfeld. It’s like the theatre...and I knew that.....and I’m an idiot.

We also just installed our pre-show elements and they rock! I can’t say what they are (we have to have some sort of surprise!) but trust me, you’ll love it......Ok, back to rehearsal—Oh! If you’re around on March 20th, I’ll be appearing with the cast at Books of Wonder, an amazing kids bookstore down on 18th Street, from 12-2 PM....come check it out!!!

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