CELEB PlayBlogger Memphis' Chad Kimball May 27

PlayBlog   CELEB PlayBlogger Memphis' Chad Kimball May 27
kimballcue200pxWe are happy to welcome guest celebrity blogger Chad Kimball, a 2010 Tony nominee for his performance in the new musical Memphis. Kimball, who has also been seen on Broadway in Into the Woods, Good Vibrations and Lennon, will blog for Playbill.com all week; his fourth entry follows:

5 AM. I'm just sayin. That was the CALL time at the "Today Show"....5:00...naturally I was up around four after two hours of sleep. Long shower. After showering, I feel more alive and refreshed, gather my things - makeup (the "Today Show" is shot in HD), neck heat wrap (muscles are soar), hairspray (we're not using a wig for this appearance - again, the "Today Show" is shot in HD) - and I'm out the door, down the elevator, into the car. I've got ten minutes, and there is no traffic at 5 AM, so I ask the driver if he'll stop at Starbucks so I can do my iced coffee routine. We try FIVE Starbucks, and none are open. I panic. Remember when Starbucks opened at five? Well...I don't, but shouldn't a COFFEE shop be open at the moment the sun is up? Laughing.

I arrive at the "Today Show" studios, and luckily Carolyn from our producing team is there, and she graciously and ever so kindly gets me an iced coffee....like mother's milk. Still tired, but after a couple of sips, I'm feeling more like myself.

The segment went great, and Hoda told David Bryan that she's been to see Memphis three times and when she has visitors in town, she always sends them our way. Very kind. Thanks "Today Show"! You guys rock! Later on David and the team will be accepting our award for Best Musical from the Outer Critics Circle at Sardi's. So great to have TWO Best Musical wins under our belt already. We feel very proud and grateful.

Now I'm attempting to take a nap. Got a big show to do tonight. Lots of running around, sweating, singing, acting, dancing-kinda, and other stuff...I'm onstage the entire show with the exception of about ten minutes, and during those ten minutes I'm usually in a quick change. I don't see my dressing room until intermission and not again until after the show. It's like being shot out of a canon....but I love it and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I'm humbled to be creating, living, and working this Big, Beautiful Broadway Show night after night...


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