CELEB PlayBlogger Montego Glover: May 13

PlayBlog   CELEB PlayBlogger Montego Glover: May 13
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We are happy to welcome guest celebrity blogger Montego Glover, a 2010 Tony nominee for her performance in Memphis. Glover, who has also been seen on Broadway in The Color Purple, will blog for Playbill.com all week; her fourth entry follows:

Hi guys,
Today is Thursday.  I'm still coming down from my "day at the office"  last night.  We had three actors out, and as anyone who works in the theatre knows, that means being extra sensitive and keen so that the play comes off without a hitch.  Now we're really lucky at Memphis, we have awesome swings and understudies so everyone takes their stations and we do it.  
But since Memphis is an original musical (hooray!), there's an added element: a rare opportunity to work with someone who hasn't created the role with you.  It's exciting and scary because you realize in the moment that you don't know what choices this actor will make, you haven't been in their rehearsals to observe or do scene work with them (which is standard in our business), and yet there you are in your Broadway house creating a new relationship, a new world in that instant. Kind of awesome.
So for anyone out there who hasn't been on with a swing or understudy yet, be ready to make something new.  And for any swings or understudies who haven't been on yet, don't worry, your company is with you all the way and are just as scared.  smile
Love live the theatre.
See 'ya soon!

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