CELEB PlayBlogger Peter Scolari: April 8

PlayBlog   CELEB PlayBlogger Peter Scolari: April 8
We are happy to welcome guest celebrity blogger Peter Scolari, the three-time Emmy Award nominee for his work in the situation comedy "Newhart." Scolari, who is currently in rehearsal for the new Off-Broadway comedy White's Lies (performances begin April 12 at New World Stages), will blog for Playbill.com all week; his fourth entry follows:

Yesterday, the kid gloves came off and I spoke from the heart and
expressed some pretty deep stuff.

But that was yesterday, and now I'm rummaging around the apartment
looking for those damn kid gloves...

Got 'em. Phew...

I'm a child of the '50s. I grew up on the poor side of the tracks in
Scarsdale, NY, which only means that we drove Pontiacs, not Cadillacs.

I have two younger brothers and an older sister —

My brother Art designs balloon animals and can whistle out of his nose. Incredible. He was also a three time All-American Springboard diver at Allegheny College in Meadville, PA, back in the mid-'70s.

He'd have been a four-time All-American Springboard diver but lost his swimsuit at Nationals.

I was close by and offered him a cut-off pair of clown pants I'd bought
at a rummage sale in Sarasota, FL.

In his haste he put them on backwards —

On a double-twisting, inward one-and-a-half somersault, the trick
flower prop exploded from the front with confetti, temporarily blinding
him, and after losing control, he hit the pool in a fetal position.

To the shock and amazement of all, he then climbed out of the pool,
approached the judges table, and sang a medley of show tunes.

He'd always had pitch problems, and the Judges seemed okay with that,
but his Jazz Hands looked like he was hitchhiking on a roller coaster.

Nowadays, he swims in a evening gown, or not at all...

My brother Chris builds houses in Myrtle Beach, SC. The problem there is that they only last one or two waves at the most, and then he has to start all over again from scratch.

My sister Barbara is a science teacher in Madison, NJ. She is being
forced to relocate to another state because she tried to recycle one of
her students, mistaking him for a two-liter bottle of Diet Pepsi.

She eats too much roughage and I think it finally took her down...

I used to be my mom's second favorite child but it's changed.

I think there have been
some voting irregularities from a certain house builder who shall
remain nameless —


Okay, what has any of this folderol and fun to do with White Lies, opening in previews at New World Stages on April 12, then officially on the sixth of May?

I don't know.

I'm stressed.

I haven't seen co-star Betty Buckley since Tuesday. I'm wearing a Grizabella costume and can't stop licking my forepaws...

Tuc Watkins and Jimmy Ray Bennett and I were going to catch a movie but
when I called the number Tuc gave me, it rang through to an Indian
restaurant in Long Island City. I ordered some Vindaloo and tried Jimmy Ray —

He said he'd been asked to learn my lines for the tech rehearsal and was going to have to hang back for the night...


Christy Carlson Romano lifted my spirits. She said that having time
off from work allowed her to reconsider:

"If you were the last man on earth," she said, she'd agree to at least
have coffee with me...


I'm waiting for a call back from Andrea Grano — she said she'd be out
water-skiing all night.

Well, I'll see everyone tomorrow I'm sure.

Just waiting for my call time...

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