CELEB PlayBlogger Race's Afton C. Williamson: July 20

PlayBlog   CELEB PlayBlogger Race's Afton C. Williamson: July 20
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We are happy to welcome guest celebrity blogger Afton C. Williamson, who plays Susan in the new David Mamet drama Race at the Barrymore Theatre. Williamson, who has also been seen on Broadway in Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, will blog for Playbill.com all week; her second maskentry follows:

Hey Guys!

First issue of business: so glad it cooled off a bit!! I am extremely grateful for the tiny break from the intense heat and humidity; summers in NYC, gotta love 'em. smile Whew, okay, had to get that outta the way....So yesterday, right before I left my apt en route to the show, I found out I have 2 more auditions this week. Yeah! I got the call when I was all packed up and locking the door, so I ran back inside dropped everything, dug my macbook out of my already packed bag and plugged it into the printer, which of course, had to "clean itself" and "think" about what, I don't know. So that in itself was a project as always. After I printed off the audition materials (it was only 4 pages of for each audition, which was awesome!), I quickly read them over, highlighted, and tossed them in my bag and headed out the door. I'm always super pumped about auditions because I see it as a chance to have fun and dig into new characters, and these ladies I'm going in for this week, are all really sassy and hardcore; which I LOVE!! smile I studied the scenes for a bit on the train so I could get a little familiar with them, since I wouldn't be able to really work on them until later that night after the show. The show was intense and lots of fun as usual. It was raining when we exited the stage door, but there were still tons of people waiting in the rain with wet hair and soggy scripts wanting autographs and to chat about the show. It never ceases to amaze me how awesomely supportive and loyal our audience members are; there were a few that were there for the second and third times!! I absolutely love signing autographs, taking pictures, and discussing the show. Mainly because it's all still so surreal that I am even here on Broadway and that they even want my li'l ol' scribbled left-handed signature. Just another reminder of how extremely blessed I am with this amazing opportunity. Everyday, as I walk into that theatre all of the stressors of the day seem to just melt away. I even start to slow my pace as I approach the stage door (I'm a really fast walker smile) and when I walk in, it's like another world. Although my character deals with serious issues in the show, I get to get dolled up, wear awesome clothes and have a lot of fun! And I get to play. For a couple of hours everyday, I get to truly live and breathe my dream, and that trumps standing in the subway dripping with sweat, waiting 15 minutes for one train, any day. wink

So today, I woke up in a pretty good mood because it's Tuesday: Spin Class!! "Hello, My Name is Afton C. Williamson, and I am addicted to Spinning!" hahaha! I love, love, love getting on the bike with the music so loud it feels like it's pumping right through your chest and you just climb, and climb, and climb, WHEW! It is awesome. And one of the most intense workouts you'll ever have. smile Before I left for the gym, I had to go to the market and pick up some much needed groceries. All the way there, I was reading the scenes and trying to get off book for the auditions. It always helps me when I connect with the character immediately because it feels as though once I'm in their head and they're in my body, the lines just come. I had a great workout and just got back from the gym not too long ago; I've been taking a "break" chatting with you guys, smile so I should probably get back to work. Show time is at 7 PM tonight, so that means I have to leave even earlier to get my relax and warm up time in my dressing room before half hour. So I'm gonna spend another hour or so on the scenes then pack it up and move on out. Busy, busy, busy, and I am loving every minute of it!! smile Can't wait to chat with you again! Bye, guys!

Til tomorrow,
Afton C. Williamson

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