CELEB PlayBlogger Race's Afton C. Williamson: July 23

PlayBlog   CELEB PlayBlogger Race's Afton C. Williamson: July 23
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We are happy to welcome guest celebrity blogger Afton C. Williamson, who plays Susan in the new David Mamet drama Race at the Barrymore Theatre. Williamson, who has also been seen on Broadway in Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, will blog for Playbill.com all week; her final entry follows:

Hello for the last time guys! :(

Wow. I cannot believe I've been talking my face off for an entire week now! AND that you all have been listening! lol. It's gone by soo fast. I have enjoyed sharing my days with you guys and can honestly say, I'm gonna really miss it. :( I am so thankful to Playbill for the entire Celeb Blogger concept; following someone's life for a week and hearing what a whirlwind every day can be like for a working actor here in the city, and for giving me this wonderful opportunity to share a little bit of me, with you. smile Writing about all the cool, positive things that are going on in my life right now, (and the stressors), has given me even more drive and has made this week so much fun!

Race recently had this Go Mamet Yourself contest, in which contestants have to take dialogue from a Mamet play and make a video reenacting it as their own. The winner received tickets to the show, along with a bunch of other cool stuff, including a backstage photo with the cast. So, last night the winner and his guest came backstage after the show, and we chatted with him and and took some photos. Eddie Izzard was so curious about his winning video that he pulled out his ipad and we all watched it right there in the greenroom! And he definitely deserved to win because it was absolutely HI-larious!! One of my buddies from grad school surprised me and came to the show last night. It's always cool when friends come to support you and fun because you get to hang out after! hahaha! Typically, I just go home after the shows (I usually have to get up early the next day), but I knew that today was gonna be a bit of a break in the super busy week I've had, so we grabbed a bite and chatted (mostly about the play), he had a lot of questions...Mamet does that to you. smile It was so nice to relax and catch up with an old friend.

I slept in this morning, and boy did it feel good! wink I have a few auditions lined up for early next week, so I figure I'll use today to get a head start on the materials. It's so great to have a busy schedule, mainly because it makes you appreciate the tiny chunks of free time; you value them so much more. smile I have a show tonight, so I'm gonna rest up and maybe have a long phone chat with my mom, it's her afternoon off, too. smile Thanks again for having me, Playbill, and thanks to you guys for following along, allowing me to share with you, and listening to my crazy banter. smile This experience is just another slice of what has and continues to be a deliciously, wonderful, experience here on B'way! Every single day seems so surreal. I am living my dream and am truly truly Grateful. smile

Best wishes to ALL,

Afton C. Williamson

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