CELEB PlayBlogger: Titanic Benefit Concert Cast and Creatives

PlayBlog   CELEB PlayBlogger: Titanic Benefit Concert Cast and Creatives
In the week leading up to the June 21 Titanic benefit concert for the New York Society for Ethical Culture, we thought we would ask various members of the creative team and cast of the upcoming evening to blog for us. Today, Broadway veteran Timothy Jerome, a Tony nominee for his performance in Me and My Girl, who will play the role of the Captain in the concert, shares his thoughts.

Embarrassingly, I’m a newcomer to Titanic. Happily, I’m now a fan. Titanic has a wonderful, tuneful, inspiring, character-specific score. I also believe that it contains some very important insights and messages about our own time and place.

In Titanic, western culture, with charming gusto, continues its hazardous flirtation with class wars, prejudice, envy and greed. The story plays out between modern technology’s newest greatest frontier and a fateful confluence of consumerism’s oldest fatal sins.

But as tragic as Titanic is, we can still salvage a cautionary tale. Even as our hearts are touched by the personal concerns of the passengers on every deck, the great ship succumbs to the cocktail of poison prepared by its three onboard hosts. And they are the same sins that operate today with much the same result. In these great tales, and in our own recent experience, many more perish and are marked for life than needed to be had common and proper safeguards and regulations been observed.

The lust for money and power quietly shifts into gear within our darker selves, is nourished by societal pressures and current events, and plays out in every conceivable way. Sometimes it destroys a critical natural resource, sometimes it crashes a nations financial system, and sometimes it sinks the greatest ship ever built… on its maiden voyage.


Tickets for the concert are still available by clicking here or by phone at (212) 352-3101.

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