CELEB PlayBlogger Victoria Clark: March 4

PlayBlog   CELEB PlayBlogger Victoria Clark: March 4
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This week Playbill.com launches Celeb PlayBlogger, a new feature that will run sporadically in PlayBlog. Our first guest celebrity blogger is Tony Award winner Victoria Clark, the dazzling singing actress who won her Tony for her performance in Lincoln Center Theater's production of The Light in the Piazza. Clark is back at LCT in Andrew Bovell's award-winning family drama When the Rain Stops Falling, which will officially open at the Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater March 8. Clark will blog all week; her fourth entry follows:

Something eerie is going on. In the first moments of our play, a fish falls from the sky during a torrential rain and lands at the feet of an Australian man named Gabriel York. And with that poetic and miraculous gesture, our story begins. Or we thought it was a gesture. Last night we heard that fish really did fall from the sky in the Northern Territories in Australia just two days ago. Check out this news story.

Our director David Cromer came into the dressing room last night to read us the news article. Nice publicity stunt by the fish — and we thought they didn't care about our play!

Cromer wasn't really allowed into our dressing room — he has come down with an epic cold, or gout, as he says. Warning: I am going to go off on a tangent here. Someone just needs to give that man a sitcom. Seriously. He is the only director I have ever met who can crack up a whole room of theatre staff, designers and actors by giving a presentation of the set. What am I saying? We all need a sitcom! This could be a reality show about putting on a play about four generations of a dysfunctional family that is set in London and Australia! And it rains all the time. It just never stops raining.

Weather, turbulent weather, incessant weather, the kind that can really muck up your life, is one of the themes of our play. The lack of control we feel. Man vs. Nature. Reason vs. Faith. And given the recent blizzards here in New York, the flooding in California and Arizona, and the earthquakes in Chile and Haiti, we are beginning to suspect that our playwright Andrew Bovell is some kind of prophet, or just a very very lucky man. He is becoming more and more like one of the characters in our play , Henry Law (Richard Topol) who says to his wife (Kate Blumberg), "Sometimes, I think I can see the future."

I have to stop this blog rather abruptly and prepare to be tortured by my trainer, Homebodies' own Elizabeth Crutchfield. She comes to my apartment, which makes it physically impossible for me to escape. For a whole hour, she smiles and I cry. It's beautiful. I am sore just thinking about it.

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