Chad Deity's Bad Guy Would Love to Visit Broadway's Heights

PlayBlog   Chad Deity's Bad Guy Would Love to Visit Broadway's Heights
The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity, holding forth through June 20 at Off-Broadway's Second Stage, marks, among other things, a star-making New York entrance for Desmin Borges from Chicago's Teatro Vista. In Kristoffer Diaz's goofy think-piece (a Pulitzer finalist), pro-wrestling is a metaphor for lots of political head-butting.

Borges plays The Mace, the designated bad-guy in the ring. He narrates the story in his rapping, Bronx-bred, Puerto Rican, motormouth fashion, prompting one to ask if he has had a chance to check out Lin-Manuel Miranda's In the Heights yet.

"I have, I have," he shot back. "It's an amazing part, and I got to meet Lin. I love him."

Corbin Bleu is currently playing Usnavi, the lead role Miranda created and originated, but Borges, who can sing, is definitely interested.

He says, "If they let me, I'd do it. I'm going to stay with Chad Deity as long as this ball keeps rolling." (There have been rumors of an extension and even a Broadway transfer.) "But one day — if the opportunity arises, I'd love to play that part. Hopefully, one day Lin and I will get to do a show about us being brothers. We look similar. It would be a good time."

Indeed, there is enough of a resemblance that they could get pass for bros.

— Harry Haun

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