Cologne Orchestra Offers 'Instant' Live Recordings

Classic Arts News   Cologne Orchestra Offers 'Instant' Live Recordings
The G‹rzenich Orchestra of Cologne, Germany, has begun offering concertgoers a chance to bring home a recording of the performance they have just heard.

A few minutes after each concert ends, audience members may buy a CD of the event for 10 euros or download the recording onto a digital music player, such as an iPod, for 5 euros. Several days later, a version assembled from multiple performances of each program will be made available through Apple's iTunes Music Store for 9.99 euros.

Rock bands and concert promoters have experimented with "instant" live recordings in recent years, but the G‹rzenich Orchestra is the first orchestra to introduce the practice, according to a spokesperson.

The orchestra's announcement comes just a few weeks after the Milwaukee Symphony announced that it would begin selling its own live broadcasts through iTunes and other digital music stores.

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