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News Composers Offer Reasons to Take a New York Musical Theatre Staycation asked several composers whose work is featured in the annual New York Musical Theatre Festival the number one reason to take a Staycation and see their NYMF production. For more information about the Festival, which runs through the end of the month at various venues around the city, click here.

All week we are rolling out content that will help New Yorkers, visitors and theatre fans make the most out of their NYC experience with our theatregoer's ultimate staycation guides. Check out our theatrical day trip getaways and more!

Drew Fornarola and Marshall Pailet – Claudio Quest
The number one reason to take a Staycation and see Claudio Quest: Awesome live-action video game sequences. Amazing performers. Very low chance of bumping into Antonin Scalia.

Jon Peter Lewis  —  Deep Love: A Rock Opera
You should stay in NY this summer and come to NYMF and see Deep Love because, let's face it, you're far more likely to die from malaria abroad than from laughter in a theater.

Jon Peter Lewis
Jon Peter Lewis

Andrew Sabiston and Tim Williams –  Napoleon
You could go to Paris for love and passion. Or the Potomac for power and politics. Or you can have it all right here on 42nd Street in a powerful, passionate and politically charged two hours at Napoleon playing at NYMF July 15-22. If you’ve been hankering for a sleepy cruise, well then, book that vacation and go. But if it’s a thrilling journey you’re after, then make it a staycation and come see master politician Talleyrand, who thinks he can manage the man he’s grooming for greatness. There’s just one thing he can’t control - Napoleon’s obsession with Josephine. In the battle to come, two of the three will be known forever. One will emerge as the devil incarnate... Now, doesn’t that sound better than shuffleboard?

Deborah Haber  — Moses Man
Why go anywhere else this summer when seeing Moses Man will take you around the world (all for a 27.50 ticket)! You'll visit Vienna, Milan, Cyprus, Palestine/Israel and Africa. A fabulous summer staycation all in two captivating hours!

Michael Teoli/Elizabeth Searle  — Tonya & Nancy: The Rock Opera
One goes on vacation to get away. Sure, a trip to Cancun or Costa Rica can be a lot of fun… but think of all that goes with it: The packing. Finding someone to babysit/pet-sit. Getting to and from the airport. The expense!!!  Not to mention having to convert your money. Worry not as we have the perfect get away all within the confines of New York City!  Tonya & Nancy: The Rock Opera will transport you back to a simpler time in our nation’s history to witness a larger-than-life tale so off-the-wall, that it could only be a true story! The sounds of a virtuosic five-piece rock band and 10 killer singers are your guide through this roller-coaster ride of fear, jealously and murder (okay… maybe not murder…) that pits two young figure skaters toe to toe. Can’t decide between getting tickets to see Phish, Steve Vai, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Depeche Mode, Queen, David Bowie or a Wagner opera? Why not throw it all into a blender and hit frappe as progressive rock, classic rock, funk, opera, jazz, blues, metal and more give you the rush of being at a rock concert, while being told the meaty story of Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan that you almost forgot? We have sites and sounds to thrill you and chill you (it is the winter Olympics after all), and we promise (at least while the show is running) to give you a true get away to a time and place that will have you yearning for a return.  

Noemi de la Puente/David Davila  — Manuel Versus The Statue Of Liberty
Ok. The real reason to have a staycation and see this show is how often do you see the Statue of Liberty boxing? Or rapping? If you go to Aruba and you are not around between July 21-27, you will totally miss the patriotic irreverence of this musical comedy about illegal immigration. And, don't go to Arizona because they seriously will never ever ever do this show!

Noemi de la Puente
Noemi de la Puente

Yianni Papadimos  — The Cobalteans
Vacations allow us to decompress. They let us relax and give us a little more insight into ourselves. That’s why the boys in The Cobalteans return to this particular lake house. It was their vacation spot. They went to unwind. But things haven’t been the same since Gabriel died. On the night of our show, they meet for the first time since their best friend’s death. The four college kids finally face the damning decisions that took their best friend’s life. It might not be the Bahamas, but it’s definitely something New Yorkers won’t want to miss.  

Ethan Anderson — HeadVoice​
What does HeadVoice have that your vacation to Aruba doesn't? Easy. Don't get us wrong; we love an Aruban steel drum, but HeadVoice's musical score has everything you want to hear in a new musical: jazzy group numbers, hilarious patter songs, beautiful duets, tight harmonies. It tells the story of how one young writer uses the voices in his head to move on in his life. And come on, who doesn't have voices in your head? (Admit it!) So, come see HeadVoice to watch those voices come alive, to see a piano seduce its player, and to embrace everyone's process of moving on. Oh, and don't forget  — we have AC.

Oliver Houser, Held Momentarily
Let’s be real, that Puerto Rican resort is overpriced, and too much sun exposure will give you wrinkles. You should instead spend 75 minutes with us on our zany, joyous subway car laughing your a$$ off while also shedding a few tears. And to see the incomparable India Carney (of NBC’s "The Voice") live onstage!

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