Dame Edna vs. Feinstein: Getting to the Me of the Matter

PlayBlog   Dame Edna vs. Feinstein: Getting to the Me of the Matter
In light of the huffy exchange of words that passed between Dame Edna Everage and Michael Feinstein last winter when they learned that they had booked the same Broadway theatre for the same date with the exact same title of show (All About Me) — what are the odds? — some sort of damage control seemed in order.

The two entertainers staged a mock make-nice meet-and-greet with the press this past week, sharing details of their upcoming dual Henry Miller's Theatre engagement.

Dame Edna, for one, saw no reason why she wouldn't make beautiful music with Feinstein. "He is an exponent of The Great American Songbook, and I am the exponent of The Great Australian Songbook," she reasoned. "The Great Australian Songbook is wonderful. It differs from The Great American Songbook in one respect: It’s thinner. In fact, it's almost a pamphlet. There are lovely, lovely songs in it — 'Waltzing Matilda,' 'The Dingo Ate My Baby,' beautiful songs."

Yes, she conceded, there have been a few little rough patches in their double-harnessed Journey to Broadway. "Catfight, I think, is trivializing it," opted the dame, who suggested that lionfight would be closer to the mark.

Feinstein, a carefree cabaret spirit if ever there was one, was grateful for the brush with Dame Edna because of the demons it unleashed. "I must say," he did say, "this is the most cathartic experience I've ever had in that it really gives me the opportunity to vent a lot of anger that was built up inside of me that I had no idea existed."

His co-star nodded sagely, almost sympathetically, but saw it all as a selling point: "Catharsis is what you'll be seeing, among other things,” she said. "And gowns, too. My son Kenny, whom I very rarely promote, is a brilliant boy. He's a Renaissance boy. He's lectured in flower arrangement. He's done display work for department stores. And he's a choreographer — well, he's a man's man. And he has designed the dresses that I'm wearing to compliment the rather formal tuxedos that Michael will be wearing, and it will be a feast of beautiful frocks. It'll be a frockathon."

— Harry Haun

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