Dartmouth College to House Pilobolus Archives

Classic Arts News   Dartmouth College to House Pilobolus Archives
The dance company Pilobolus has donated its archives to Dartmouth College's special collections library.

The archives include reviews, programs, photographs, performance and rehearsal footage, and choreography notes from the company's earliest days to the present, and will grow as the company continues to perform.

Special collections librarian Jay Satterfield said, in a statement, "The archive represents an important piece of modern dance history. Theater and dance professors, as well as students and scholars, will certainly value its contents. As this archive grows, Dartmouth and Pilobolus will continue to work together to ensure its relevance to those who study and admire the creative process."

The college plans to commission new works from the company over the next few years, and to host a number of performances at the Hopkins Center for the Arts.

The company was started in 1971 by a group of Dartmouth students, and three of them—Robby Barnett, Michael Tracy, Jonathan Wolken—along with Alison Chase, their dance professor at the time, are still involved in the company's artistic leadership.

Pilobolus now includes three touring companies and an educational program.

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