D'Elia, Rifkin, Ewoldt, Evans, Tucker, Jones and Sayre Cast in Early to Bed for Musicals Tonight

News   D'Elia, Rifkin, Ewoldt, Evans, Tucker, Jones and Sayre Cast in Early to Bed for Musicals Tonight
The Musicals Tonight! series, which is produced by Mel Miller, will present Fats Waller's 1943 musical Early to Bed next month.

Directed by Thomas Sabella-Mills, the musical will play Off-Broadway's McGinn/Cazale Theatre March 17-29. David Bishop will be the music director.

The cast will comprise Vincent D'Elia, Rita Rehn, Nicolas Davila, Jennifer Evans, Allyson Tucker, Robert Anthony Jones, Oakley Boycott, Roger Rifkin, Frank Viveros, Ali Ewoldt, Erik Hogan, Justin Sayre, Jenny Neale, Eduardo Placer and Jose Luaces.

Early to Bed, according to press notes, is described as such: "The cuadrilla of an over-the-hill matador (Vincent D'Elia) comes to Martinique in search of a paying bull-fight. They stop (running out of gas) in front of an establishment run by the matador's old flame (Rita Rehn). Years ago, she was a teacher and because her 'girls' are carrying books on Latin, French, and math he assumes she still is. His son (Nicolas Davila) is sent to get gas the hard way – by earning it with a lady station owner. A car accident has the son in bed with the island's newest resident (Jennifer Evans). Pop thinks she's rich and wants damages, the son thinks she owns a gas station and wants gas, she is concussed. A new 'girl' (Allyson Tucker) arrives but is confused by talk of girls paying damages for having 'accidents' with men. A left-wing Mexican muralist (Robert Anthony Jones) falls in love (with Oakley Boycott) while painting Red themes on the brothel walls. The Cal State Track Team coached by (Roger Rifkin) is staying at 'the girl's school' and are welcomed by the matador's chauffer (Frank Viveros) and his new girl friend (Ali Ewoldt). The owner of the local night club (Erik Hogan) is looking for his newest singer and his car. The Mayor (Justin Sayre) is looking to personally welcome 'the new girl.' The girls' 'training' is well supervised (Jenny Neale) and well observed (Eduardo Placer, Jose Luaces)."

Songs in the musical include "There's a Man in My Life," "Slightly Less Than Wonderful," "Ladies Who Sing with the Band," "This is So Nice (It Must Be Illegal)," "Martinique," "When the Nylons Bloom Again," "At Hi-De-Ho-Hi in Harlem" and "Get Away Young Man."

For tickets, priced $20, call (212) 868-4444 or visit www.smarttix.com. McGinn/Cazale Theatre is located at 2162 Broadway, 3rd floor, in Manhattan. For more information go to www.musicalstonight.org.

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