Detroit Symphony Reports Increased Ticket Sales

Classic Arts News   Detroit Symphony Reports Increased Ticket Sales
The Detroit Symphony enjoyed increased attendance and ticket revenue during the 2004-05 season, its second season at the new Max M. Fisher Music Center, the DSO announced today.

Single-ticket sales for classical concerts rose by 10 percent; overall, classical attendance rose by 2 percent. Revenue for classical events increased by 7.57 percent.

Ross Binnie, the orchestra's vice present for sales and service, said that the orchestra was adapting to concertgoers' increasing preference for single tickets rather than subscriptions. "We've had to adapt to lifestyle trends in the modern world, when there are more choices and more competition than ever before for both free time and the leisure dollar," he said.

The orchestra also boosted revenue by renting space at the Max, as it is known, for corporate, community, and cultural events, and through retail sales within the hall.

"Concertgoers can park easily, enjoy dinner at the Paradise Caf_, visit the shops, attend a pre-concert talk; go to a classical, jazz, or other performance; and afterwards stop by the Green Room to get a CD signed by the artist," Binnie said. "With our new amenities and even broader programming, we are a true, multi-faceted entertainment destination."

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