Doctors Believe Tony Collision Unrelated to Michaels' Health

PlayBlog   Doctors Believe Tony Collision Unrelated to Michaels' Health
Poison front man Bret Michaels, who has been in critical condition in a Los Angeles hospital after suffering a brain hemorrhage last week, has been able to speak with his father, according to US Magazine.

The rocker was rushed to the hospital last week after experiencing an excruciating headache. Doctors have yet to pinpoint the cause of the hemorrhage, but Dr. Michael Lawton (Chief of Vascular Neurology at the University of California) told Access Hollywood that Michael's injuries are likely unrelated to his collision with a large set piece during the 2009 Tony Awards performance.

Michaels appeared with the Rock of Ages cast during the opening number of the 2009 Tony Awards. The rocker didn't see a large set piece which was descending to the stage and he suffered a fractured nose, in addition to bruises on his nose and lips. Michaels continued to watch the Tony Awards and saw a doctor following the performance.

According to Lawton, “If the head injury damaged any of his arteries, he would have bleeding at the time of the injury. To have it this far delayed makes it unlikely they are related."

Michaels' father told reporters that his son was speaking slowly and able to move his arms and hands. He was treated for an emergency appendectomy earlier this month. Doctors also believe the procedure was unrelated to Michaels' latest health complication.

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