Documentary Says Mozart Had Tourette Syndrome

Classic Arts News   Documentary Says Mozart Had Tourette Syndrome
A new British television documentary suggests that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart suffered from the obsessive-compulsive disorder Tourette Syndrome.

James McConnel, a Norfolk composer who himself has the condition‹often characterized by twitching and uncontrollable swearing‹makes the claim. In the film, McConnel cites Mozart's obsession with clocks and shoe sizes, his foot tapping and twitching, and his penchant for writing vulgar letters as signs of the syndrome. He also suggests evidence can be found in Mozart's music.

"Tourette's is a classic battle between chaos and control, having a compulsion and trying to control it, and that translates into music," McConnel told the BBC.

What Made Mozart Tic? will be screened on the U.K.'s Channel 4 in October.

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