"Enchanted" DVD, with Bonus Features, Will Hit Stores March 18

News   "Enchanted" DVD, with Bonus Features, Will Hit Stores March 18
Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment will release the DVD of the Oscar-nominated film "Enchanted" March 18.

The Disney film, which was nominated for three Best Song Academy Awards, will be released in both Blu-ray Disc and DVD formats.

Kevin Lima ("Tarzan," "102 Dalmations") directed the live-action (with animation) feature penned by Bill Kelly ("Blast From the Past"), which stars "Hairspray"'s James Marsden as well as Amy Adams, Susan Sarandon and Patrick Dempsey. Idina Menzel (Wicked) is also featured in the film with Timothy Spall and youngster Rachel Covey.

The songs were composed by Academy Award winners Alan Menken (music) and Stephen Schwartz (lyrics).

Bonus features include the following:

  • Pip's Predicament: A Pop-up Adventure: Giselle's chipmunk friend Pip stars in this new short—magical pop-up, storybook style. While Giselle gets used to life in New York, Pip embarks on a daring mission to rescue Prince Edward.


  • Fantasy Comes to Life: Discover the cinematic wizardry that went into the making of Enchanted in three behind-the-scenes featurettes: "Happy Working Song," "That's How You Know," "A Blast at the Ball"
  • Deleted Scenes: Including exclusive introductions by director Kevin Lima
  • Bloopers The Blu-ray disc will include all of the above as well as the following bonus feature:

  • The D-Files: "Enchanted" is loaded with witty hidden references to classic Disney films. "The D-Files" rewards players who spot them with a short featurette showing the original Disney reference. High scoring players are treated to three extra special videos: "So Close," "Making Ever Ever After" and "True Love’s Kiss." "Enchanted," according to press notes, "begins in the animated fairytale land of Andalasia where the charming and perky Giselle (Amy Adams) instantly captures the heart of the dashing Prince Edward (James Marsden). Desperate to keep the young lovers apart in order to preserve her control of the throne, the prince's evil mother Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon) transports Giselle from her whimsical homeland to the worst place she can think of—Times Square. Suddenly transformed from animated beauty into flesh and blood girl, the comely lass twirls her way through the urban jungle, blissfully unaware that dreams don't always come true. Rescued from the streets by divorce lawyer Robert (Patrick Dempsey), who suspects she'd be better off in Bellevue, and pursued by Edward, who finds that a sword is useless against a modern day dragon—er, make that city bus—the eternally optimistic Giselle starts to wonder if "happily ever after" is what she really wants."

    "Enchanted" on DVD has a suggested retail price of $29.99; the Blue-ray Disc is priced at $34.99.


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