EXCLUSIVE: Scott Alan-Christy Hall Musical Home Aiming for Broadway in 2012

News   EXCLUSIVE: Scott Alan-Christy Hall Musical Home Aiming for Broadway in 2012
Following a September reading of the Scott Alan-Christy Hall musical Home, Dave Clemmons and John Styles of StylesFour Productions, whose producing credits include the recent revival of Driving Miss Daisy as well as the Tony-winning Spring Awakening, plan to bring the new musical to Broadway in 2012.

Scott Alan
Scott Alan

Reached by phone Oct. 6, producer Clemmons told Playbill.com, "As a casting director and as a producer, I've been a part of a lot of readings, and I've never seen a reading go this well. The response has been overwhelmingly positive."

The recent reading featured the talents of Lisa Brescia, Kathleen Chalfant, Erin Davie, Rachel Potter and Mallory Bechtel. When asked whether the reading cast would make the transfer to Broadway, Clemmons said, "It's too early to tell; however, we certainly felt very strongly about everybody in the reading. Certainly, I couldn't have asked for a better cast of people for that reading. Having Kathleen Chalfant and Lisa Brescia as a part of it was fantastic. This little girl [Mallory Bechtel] that literally showed up at an open call in New York, who flew up from Houston, she's just a star in the making...Obviously, other people are going to have their opinions, but certainly those people would be at the top of the list without question, and certainly on the table and to be determined. But I could not have been happier with them as a cast for the reading."

Clemmons also said that finding the right Broadway home for Home is crucial: "This is a show that has to have particularly the right space. It's got to be intimate. It's got to be the right theatre, so that could change the timeline depending on when a theatre that we feel like the piece belongs in, and is going to play well in, becomes available."

"I think it's a special piece of theatre," Clemmons added. "It's intimate. It's not your big, flashy Broadway musical, but I think based on what we've seen, it's very special, it's very effective, it's very emotional for people because there are so many things that you can connect to it on. Anybody that's had issues with a parent or issues with substance abuse or issues with death or estrangement—so many things that people can connect with. I think that it's a really, truly special, emotional piece of theatre that I quite honestly feel is something that needs to be seen. You see so many things, and you go, 'Why did I need to see that? I didn't,' and with this you say, 'I needed to see that. I needed to go through that emotional rollercoaster that this ride takes you on.' I just think that it's special and that an audience needs to see it."

Home, which was previously titled Piece when it played acclaimed limited runs at NAMT, the Seattle Festival and TheatreWorks festival, is described as such: "Years ago, Katherine finally got away...from her home, her small Texas town, and, perhaps most importantly, her alcoholic mother. It is nine silent years later when Katherine, now 40, hears rumors that her mother, Wendy, might be dying of cancer. A reluctant Katherine, intent on putting the rumors to rest, returns to Texas. Stepping into her childhood home, Katherine is immediately overwhelmed by the familiar. Every room seems to have a story. Every corner of the house holds another recollection, almost as if the house itself breathes with remembrance. While Katherine and Wendy carefully maneuver around their fragile new reunion, Katherine's memories become so vivid, in fact, they appear to come alive before her eyes. These impressions force Katherine to finally confront one looming decision - whether to allow her past to hold her back, or move her forward." Among the many Broadway artists who have recorded songs from the show are Stephanie J. Block, Shoshana Bean, Lisa Brescia, Liz Callaway, Randy Graff, Nikki Renee Daniels, Christiane Noll, Megan Hilty, Julia Murney, Natalie Weiss, Alison Fraser, Kerry Butler and Diana DeGarmo. Two of the tunes from the new musical, "Home" and "Never Neverland (Fly Away)," have also been recorded by numerous fans and broadcast on YouTube. Home has also already acquired over 2,000 followers on Twitter.

To hear selections from Home, visit www.homethemusical.com. Industry folk interested in learning more about the Broadway production should e-mail DClemmons@stylesfour.com.

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