Florida Stage Has Horovitz, Laufer, Demos-Brown, Lewis and New Musical Dr. Radio in 2009-10

News   Florida Stage Has Horovitz, Laufer, Demos-Brown, Lewis and New Musical Dr. Radio in 2009-10
Florida Stage, the South Florida theatre devoted to new and emerging America works, announced a 2009-10 season to include four world premieres, including a new musical by the co-creators of the troupe's current musical Cagney!

One Florida premiere will be part of the five-show season: Israel Horovitz's Sins of the Mother, a new mystery about revenge and forgiveness. This will be the emerging play's second production.

For its 23rd season, Florida Stage will produce the world premieres of Dr. Radio, a new musical from composer Christopher McGovern; When the Sun Shone Brighter, "a lyrical and timely new drama" by South Florida resident Christopher Demos-Brown; The Storytelling Ability of a Boy by award-winning author Carter W. Lewis; and the comedy Sirens by award winner Deborah Zoe Laufer.

While the exact calendar for the 2009-2010 season has not yet been solidified, the season will begin in mid-October and continue through the end of June 2010 with each production playing 47 performances over six weeks.

Here's the 2009-10 Florida Stage season:

Sirens by Deborah Zoe Laufer. "Sy and Rose are on a Mediterranean cruise to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary when Sy hears the most sublime music in the distance. He leaps overboard and washes ashore on a nearby island where he encounters a very beautiful — and very hip — Siren. An enormously delightful and very funny story for anyone who has even thought about being middle aged." The play was part of the 2009 1st Stage New Works Festival to huge audience acclaim. The Storytelling Ability of a Boy by Carter W. Lewis "Love gets dangerous when a young English teacher gets involved in the personal lives of two of her students, a strange boy with a gift for writing and a brooding young girl with a nail gun. A darkly funny and deeply moving new play about the power of storytelling itself." Another play from the 2009 1st Stage New Works Festival.

Sins of the Mother by Israel Horovitz. "Legendary playwright Israel Horovitz spins a haunting mystery exposing the tragic truths that bind the families of a small fishing town together in this explosive new drama about revenge and forgiveness." A part of the 70/70 Horovitz Project, a yearlong, worldwide event celebrating Horovitz's 70th birthday with 70 productions of Horovitz plays.

Dr. Radio, a musical by Bill Castellino and Christoher McGovern. "A small, dusty radio repair shop explodes into song and dance in the mind of a little man with a huge imagination. Dozens of broken radios become the source of Dr. Radio's beloved music as he makes his repairs and reaches for his wildest musical dreams. From the blues to bee-bop, from hot jazz to hot rock, the greatest hits from every era and genre transform his forgotten little world through the magic of music."

When The Sun Shone Brighter by Christopher Demos-Brown. "Mayor Jose Sanchez-Fors, Jr. of Miami is a charismatic politician of unlimited potential, but when he decides to run for the Senate, his own lust for power entangles him in a web of sex, lies and ambition." Seen in the 2009 1st Stage New Works Festival.

Florida Stage will also produce a summer musical, the fourth annual 1st Stage New Works Festival, its annual Young Playwrights and Monologue Festivals and the third year of the Children of Conflict Project.

Subscriptions are on sale for the 2009-10 season. For more information visit the Florida Stage website at www.floridastage.org or call the box office at (561) 585-3433, (800) 514-3837 (outside of Palm Beach County) or the subscription office at (561) 582-7503.

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