Foreman's Wake Up Mr. Sleepy! Will Open Jan. 25

News   Foreman's Wake Up Mr. Sleepy! Will Open Jan. 25
The famed avant-garde theatre creator Richard Foreman's latest work, Wake Up Mr. Sleepy! Your Unconscious Mind is Dead!, will open Jan. 25 at his Ontological-Hysteric Theater.

The work is the second production of The Bridge Project, in which Foreman and Sophie Haviland will film material around the world to aid his productions. The first was the 2006 show Zomboid! Wake Up Mr. Sleepy! uses footage shot in Lisbon. According to the website, the work "postulates the invention of the airplane (controlled by a horde of baby-doll pilots) as the death knell of the unconscious mind. Foreman is reponding to a world in which visionary sages and poets are being replaced by specialists who make platitudes out of the immediately observable and hand-feed them to the public. In Richard Foreman's universe, his muse and ally, the unconscious, fights back to life in a shape resembling 'the stone that rolls up the hill backwards' (the evil one) and from such 'evil,' life renews itself."

The Ontological-Hysteric Theater performs at St. Mark's Church at 131 East 10th street, at Second Avenue. For tickets call 212-352-3101 or click here.

For more information visit or the show's blog at

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