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News From Harvey to The Trip to Bountiful, A Look at the 2012-13 Season: The Play Revivals
With the 2012-13 Broadway season coming to a close this month (April 25 is the cut-off date for eligibility for the 67th Annual Tony Awards), offers a four-part look at the current season. Here are this season's play revivals.

Jim Parsons
Jim Parsons Photo by Joan Marcus

From Mary Chase's Pulitzer Prize-winning play Harvey, starring Jim Parsons, to Cicely Tyson's return to Broadway in the Horton Foote drama The Trip to Bountiful, the final play revival of the season, here is an overview of the 12 play revivals that have opened or will open in time for the 2013 Tonys, which will take place June 9 at Radio City Music Hall.

Look out for a future roundup of special engagements. Click here for a look at this season's musicals and here for a look at this season's original plays.

Show: Harvey
Theatre: Studio 54

Preview: May 18, 2012

Opening: June 14, 2012
Closing: Aug. 5, 2012

Creators: Written by Mary Chase. Direction by Scott Ellis.
Original Principal Cast: Jim Parsons as Elwood P. Dowd, Jessica Hecht as Veta Louise Simmons, Charles Kimbrough as William R. Chumley, Larry Bryggman as Judge Omar Gaffney, Carol Kane as Betty Chumley, Peter Benson as E.J. Lofgren, Tracee Chimo as Myrtle Mae Simmons and Holley Fain as Ruth Kelly.

Synopsis: According to Roundabout, "Parsons star[red] as one of modern theatre's most lovable characters, Elwood P. Dowd. Charming and kind, Elwood has only one character flaw: an unwavering friendship with a 6-foot-tall, invisible white rabbit named Harvey. In order to save the family's social reputation, Elwood's sister Veta (Hecht) takes Elwood to the local sanatorium. But when the doctors mistakenly commit his anxiety-ridden sister, Elwood — and Harvey — slip out of the hospital unbothered, setting off a hilarious whirlwind of confusion and chaos as everyone in town tries to catch a man and his invisible rabbit."

Check out photos from Harvey's opening night on Broadway.

Watch Playbill Video's highlights of the production:

Show: An Enemy of the People
Theatre: Samuel J. Friedman Theatre

Preview: Sept. 4, 2012

Opening: Sept. 27, 2012
Closing: Nov. 18, 2012

Creators: Written by Henrik Ibsen. Adaptation by Rebecca Lenkiewicz. Direction by Doug Hughes.
Original Principal Cast: Boyd Gaines as Dr. Thomas Stockmann, Richard Thomas as Peter Stockmann, Maïté Alina as Petra Stockmann, Gerry Bamman as Aslaksen, Kathleen McNenny as Catherine Stockmann, Randall Newsome, John Procaccino as Hovstad and Michael Siberry as Morten Kiil.

Synopsis: According to MTC, "In this fast-paced, two-hour thriller, Dr. Thomas Stockmann (Gaines) discovers a toxic secret that threatens the health of his entire community. The doctor expects to be hailed as a hero, but his brother, Mayor Peter Stockmann (Thomas), believes the information will destroy the town, forcing the men into a passionate confrontation of political will and personal ethics."

Check out photos from An Enemy of the People's opening night on Broadway.

Watch Playbill Video's highlights of the production:

Show: Cyrano de Bergerac
Theatre: American Airlines Theatre

Preview: Sept. 14, 2012

Opening: Oct. 11, 2012
Closing: Nov. 25, 2012

Creators: Written by Edmond Rostand. Translation by Ranjit Bolt. Direction by Jamie Lloyd.
Original Principal Cast: Douglas Hodge as Cyrano de Bergerac, Clémence Poésy as Roxane, Patrick Page as Comte de Guiche, Kyle Soller as Christian, Max Baker as Le Bret, Bill Buell as Ragueneau and Geraldine Hughes as Duenna/Sister Marthe.

Synopsis: Here's how Roundabout bills the 1897 French classic: "An enduring masterwork with some of the wittiest lines ever written for the stage, Cyrano de Bergerac is a clever and touching story about the power of love, the art of wordplay and the joy of finding what you've always wanted right under your nose. Cyrano's a nobleman with a head for poetry and a nose for miles. All of Paris adores him except for his true love Roxane, who can't see past his all-too-prominent facial feature. Instead, she falls for a handsome young cadet named Christian. But when Christian admits he's tongue-tied with Roxane, Cyrano gives him the romantic words guaranteed to win her heart. With Christian's looks and Cyrano's language, it's a foolproof plan! Or is it?"

Check out photos from opening night of Cyrano de Bergerac.

Watch Playbill Video's highlights from the production:

Show: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Theatre: Booth Theatre

Preview: Sept. 27, 2012

Opening: Oct. 13, 2012
Closing: March 3, 2013

Creators: Written by Edward Albee. Direction by Pam MacKinnon.
Original Principal Cast: Tracy Letts as George, Amy Morton as Martha, Carrie Coon as Honey and Madison Dirks as Nick.

Synopsis: Here's how the 2012 producers characterize the modern classic by Pulitzer Prize winner Albee: "On the campus of a small New England college, George and Martha invite a new professor and his wife home for a nightcap. As the cocktails flow, the young couple finds themselves caught in the crossfire of a savage marital war where the combatants attack the self-deceptions they forged for their own survival. Steppenwolf ensemble members Tracy Letts and Amy Morton face off as one of theatre's most notoriously dysfunctional couples in Albee's hilarious and harrowing masterpiece."

Check out photos from opening night of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Watch Playbill Video's highlights of the production:

Show: The Heiress
Theatre: Walter Kerr Theatre

Preview: Oct. 6, 2012

Opening: Nov. 1, 2012
Closing: Feb. 9, 2013

Creators: Written by Augustus Goetz and Ruth Goetz. Direction by Moisés Kaufman.
Original Principal Cast: Jessica Chastain as Catherine Sloper, David Strathairn as Dr. Austin Sloper, Dan Stevens as Morris Townsend, Judith Ivey as Lavinia Penniman, Molly Camp as Marian Almond, Kieran Campion as Arthur Townsend, Virginia Kull as Maria and Ben Livingston as Coachman.

Synopsis: Here's how the producers bill The Heiress: "In this timeless New York love story, a protected young woman (Chastain) finds herself caught between her steely, grief-stricken father (Strathairn) and a mysterious, handsome suitor (Stevens). The power of passion, loss and money scars their lives in this unforgettable drama."

Check out photos from opening night of The Heiress.

Watch Playbill Video's interviews with the cast:

Show: Golden Boy
Theatre: Belasco Theatre

Preview: Nov. 9, 2012

Opening: Dec. 6, 2012
Closing: Jan. 20, 2013

Creators: Written by Clifford Odets. Direction by Bartlett Sher.
Original Principal Cast: Seth Numrich as Joe Bonaparte, Tony Shalhoub as Mr. Bonaparte, Yvonne Strahovski as Lorna Moon, Michael Aronov as Siggie, Danny Burstein as Tokio, Demosthenes Chrysan as Lewis, Anthony Crivello as Eddie Fuseli, Sean Cullen as Drake, Dagmara Dominczyk as Anna, Ned Eisenberg as Roxy Gottlieb and Brad Fleischer as Pepper White.

Synopsis: According to Lincoln Center Theater, "Golden Boy is the story of Joe Bonaparte, a young, gifted violinist who is torn between pursuing a career in music and earning big money as a prize fighter."

Check out photos from Golden Boy's opening night on Broadway.

Watch Playbill Video's highlights from the production:

Show: Glengarry Glen Ross
Theatre: Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre

Preview: Oct. 19, 2012

Opening: Dec. 8, 2012
Closing: Jan. 20, 2013

Creators: Written by David Mamet. Direction by Daniel Sullivan.
Original Principal Cast: Al Pacino as Shelly Levene, Bobby Cannavale as Richard Roma, David Harbour as John Williamson, Richard Schiff as George Aaronow, John C. McGinley as Dave Moss, Jeremy Shamos as James Lingk and Murphy Guyer as Baylen.
Synopsis: Here's how the modern classic is billed: "The stakes are high at a fly by night Chicago real estate office: 1st prize — a new Cadillac, 2nd prize — a set of steak knives, 3rd prize — you're fired!," according to production notes. "Glengarry Glen Ross slices to the core of the American dream and exposes the depths people will go to stay on top of the game. Mamet himself worked in a real estate office in Chicago in 1969 setting up appointments for salesmen, and the play is influenced by the cutthroat politics he encountered."

Check out production photos from the show.

Watch Playbill Video's coverage of Glengarry Glen Ross press day:

Show: Picnic
Theatre: American Airlines Theatre

Preview: Dec. 14, 2012

Opening: Jan. 13, 2013
Closing: Feb. 24, 2013

Creators: Written by William Inge. Direction by Sam Gold.
Original Principal Cast: Reed Birney as Howard Bevans, Maggie Grace as Madge Owens, Elizabeth Marvel as Rosemary Sydney, Sebastian Stan as Hal Carter, Mare Winningham as Flo Owens, Ellen Burstyn as Mrs. Helen Potts, Madeleine Martin as Millie Owens and Ben Rappaport as Alan Seymour.

Synopsis: "Sensual, passionate and delightfully funny," Picnic, according to the Roundabout Theatre Company, is a "timeless American classic about the line between restraint and desire. It's a balmy Labor Day in the American Heartland, and a group of women are preparing for a picnic... but they'll have to lay a lot on the line before they can lay out the checkered cloths. When a handsome young drifter named Hal (Stan) arrives, his combination of uncouth manners and titillating charm sends the women reeling, especially the beautiful Madge (Grace). When Hal is forced out of town, Madge must decide whether their fleeting encounter is worth changing the course of her life."

Check out production photos from the show.

Watch Playbill Video's highlights from Picnic:

Show: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Theatre: Richard Rodgers Theatre

Preview: Dec. 18, 2012

Opening: Jan. 17, 2013
Closing: March 30, 2013

Creators: Written by Tennessee Williams. Direction by Rob Ashford.
Original Principal Cast: Scarlett Johansson as Margaret, Ciarán Huns as Big Daddy, Benjamin Walker as Brick, Debra Monk as Big Mama, Emily Bergl as Mae, Michael Park as Gooper, Vin Knight as Reverend Tooker and Brian Reddy as Doctor Baugh.

Synopsis: According to producers, "Big Daddy Pollitt, the richest cotton planter in the Mississippi Delta, is about to celebrate his 65th birthday. He is distressed by the rocky relationship between his beloved son Brick, an aging football hero who has turned to drink, and his beautiful and feisty wife Maggie. As the hot summer evening unfolds, the veneer of Southern gentility slips away as unpleasant truths emerge and greed, lies and suppressed sexuality reach a boiling point."

Check out photos from opening night of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

Watch Playbill Video's interviews with the cast on opening night:

Show: The Big Knife
Theatre: American Airlines Theatre

Preview: March 22, 2013

Opening: April 16, 2013
Closing: June 2, 2013

Creators: Written by Clifford Odets. Direction by Doug Hughes.
Original Principal Cast: Rachel Brosnahan as Dixie Evans, Bobby Cannavale as Charlie Castle, Marin Ireland as Marion Castle, Billy Eugene Jones as Russell, Richard Kind as Marcus Hoff, Ana Reeder as Connie Bliss, Reg Rogers as Smiley Coy, Joey Slotnick as Buddy Bliss, Brenda Wehle as Patty Benedict, C.J. Wilson as Hank Teagle and Chip Zien as Nat Danziger.

Synopsis: Here's how Roundabout bills the work: "In the golden age of Hollywood cinema, actors may have all the glory, but studio execs have all the power. The Hoff-Federated studio has had its most successful star, Charlie Castle, over a barrel ever since it helped cover up a mistake that could have ended his career. When a woman with insider knowledge threatens to come forward, the studio heads will stop at nothing to protect Charlie's secret... but how far is he willing to go before he quits the movie business for good? Set in a glossy world of rumor mills and rocky friendships, Clifford Odets' The Big Knife is about living the life you always wanted but wanting something more."

Check out photos from opening night of The Big Knife.

Watch Playbill Video's highlights from the production:

Show: Macbeth
Theatre: Ethel Barrymore Theatre

Preview: April 7, 2013

Opening: April 21, 2013
Closing: June 30, 2013

Creators: Written by William Shakespeare. Direction by John Tiffany and Andrew Goldberg.
Original Principal Cast: Alan Cumming with Jenny Sterlin and Brendan Titley.

Synopsis: According to producers, "Macbeth is set in a clinical room deep within a dark psychiatric unit. Cumming is the lone patient, reliving the infamous story and inhabiting each role himself. Closed circuit television cameras watch the patient's every move as the walls of the psychiatric ward come to life in a visually stunning multi-media theatrical experience of Shakespeare's notorious tale of desire, ambition and the supernatural."

Check out photos from the production.

Watch Playbill Video's highlights from the play:

Show: The Trip to Bountiful
Theatre: Stephen Sondheim Theatre

Preview: March 30, 2013

Opening: April 23, 2013
Closing: July 7, 2013

Creators: Written by Horton Foote. Direction by Michael Wilson.
Original Principal Cast: Cicely Tyson as Mrs. Carrie Watts, Cuba Gooding Jr. as Ludie Watts, Vanessa Williams as Jessie Mae Watts, Condola Rashad as Thelma and Tom Wopat as Sheriff.

Synopsis: The Trip to Bountiful, according to press notes, tells the story of "Carrie Watts (Tyson), an elderly woman who dreams of returning to her small hometown of Bountiful, TX one last time, against the wishes of her overprotective son (Gooding) and domineering daughter-in-law (Williams). Her journey becomes a heartbreaking but ultimately life-affirming and inspiring tale that examines the fragility of memory and celebrates the enduring power of hope and faith."

Check out photos from The Trip to Bountiful's press day.

Go "Behind the Curtain" with the production set designer, Jeff Cowie:

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