Gehry Agrees to Sandblast Disney Hall

Classic Arts News   Gehry Agrees to Sandblast Disney Hall
Architect Frank Gehry has agreed to let his Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles be sandblasted to reduce glare, the New York Times reports.

The reflection from the curved, polished stainless steel exterior of the hall's Founders Room has been bothering residents of the Promenade Condominiums across the street, and is a potential hazard for drivers, although no accidents are reported to have been caused by the glare.

A study by Schiler & Associates, a Pasadena-based consulting firm, analyzed and located the most reflective parts of the building, and recommended sandblasting the polished exterior of the Founders Room to match the brushed-steel appearance of the rest of the concert hall.

Complaints that the concert hall raised the heat level in the apartments across the street were not confirmed by Schiler's analysis.

The reflective portions of the building were covered with mesh while the study was underway.

Yesterday, Gehry's Los Angeles firm said that sandblasting, should the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approve it, would be an acceptable aesthetic solution to the problem. The work will cost the board, which owns the building, $180,000.

"We'd prefer not to have to do it," acknowledged Terry Bell, the concert hall's project architect and manager, but, he said, "we are absolutely dealing with it."

Disney Hall, the home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, opened in 2003.

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