Getcha Head in the Broadway Game, Corbin Bleu

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Best known for playing Chad Danforth in three "High School Musical" movies (two on TV, one in movie theatres), Corbin Bleu is now on Broadway — and overlooking it. Between 46th and 47th Streets, above the Roxy diner in Times Square, there's Bleu, beaming down from a billboard for In the Heights.

bleubillboardblog"Seeing that poster was definitely a joy," he told's The Leading Men columnist Tom Nondorf. "Growing up, I always knew I wanted arts in my life, but I wasn't sure that's what I wanted in a career. At a certain point, I was considering becoming a pediatrician. I went to a summit at Johns Hopkins University to get instruction in medicine, and I learned a lot. But I realized that acting is my love. I knew I wanted to be on Broadway. Did I know that it would happen so soon, at this point in my life and to this caliber and in a show that is this amazing? No, I had no idea. I'm very grateful that it has happened though."

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