"Glee" Book Series in the Works

PlayBlog   "Glee" Book Series in the Works
What is a Gleek to do now that "Glee" has completed its first season and won't bring harmony back to primetime television until the fall? Well, you can watch reruns, but you might also want to turn off your TV and… read.

According to EW.com, Twentieth Century Fox has aligned with Little, Brown Books to create multiple books for the "Glee" franchise. The first will debut this August and is slated to be a prequel to the hit series.

"Glee: The Beginning" will fill you in on what happened at McKinley High before the series began. The book will also include a double-sided poster.

FOX has also launched the "Glee" Superfan experience that allows you to watch full-length episodes, with all things "Glee" (including Twitter feeds, Facebook, iTunes and more) accessible on the same screen. The new feature also includes commentary and behind-the-scenes videos.

Check out Superfan here.

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