Guthrie Theater's Charley's Aunt Begins Limited Run Nov. 26

News   Guthrie Theater's Charley's Aunt Begins Limited Run Nov. 26
The Guthrie Theater's production of Charley's Aunt, Brandon Thomas' British farce, plays Nov. 26, 2011-Jan. 15, 2012, on the McGuire Proscenium Stage.

Matthew Amendt
Matthew Amendt

Directed by John Miller-Stephany, the cast features John Skelley, Matthew Amendt, Ashley Rose Montondo, Valeri Mudek, Ben Mandelbaum, Thallis Santesteban, Colin McPhillamy, Sally Wingert, Peter Thomson and Charles Hubbell.

"A pair of Oxford undergraduates, Jack Chesney (Amendt) and Charles Wyckeham (Mandelbaum) are hopelessly smitten with two young ladies — Kitty Verdun (Mudek) and Amy Spettigue (Montondo) — who are about to be whisked off to Scotland by Amy's tyrannical uncle Stephen Spettigue (McPhillamy)," according to Guthrie notes. "Desperate to woo their sweethearts, the boys must, as was the custom of the time, find a suitable chaperone. Their problem seems to be solved when Charley receives word announcing the imminent arrival of his wealthy widowed aunt Donna Lucia d'Alvadorez (Wingert) from Brazil. In order to insure that they have enough private time with their girls, Jack and Charley enlist fellow student Lord Fancourt Babberley to keep the old lady occupied.

"But 'Babbs' gets more than he bargained for when Donna Lucia's arrival is postponed and the boys have no choice but to strong-arm their friend into disguising himself as the absent aunt. Babbs, dressed as Charley's 'aunt,' happily accepts affectionate kisses from Amy and Kitty, but has to contend with the unwelcome amorous advances of Jack's father Col. Sir Francis Chesney (Thomson) and Mr. Spettigue. The situation becomes even more frantic when the real aunt finally arrives — accompanied by her ward (and Babbs' unrequited love) Ela Delahay (Santesteban) — putting the boys into a hilarious predicament."

The artistic team includes John Coyne (set designer), Jess Goldstein (costume designer), Marcus Dilliard (lighting designer), Reid Rejsa (sound designer), Lucinda Holshue (voice and language consultant), Michael Lupu (dramaturgy), Chris A. Code (stage manager), Meaghan Rosenberger (assistant stage manager) and Brian Sostek (assistant director).

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