How Did These Two Drama Students Pass The Time While Rushing?

Outside the Theatre   How Did These Two Drama Students Pass The Time While Rushing?
While waiting to score tickets to Dear Evan Hansen, these theatre besties talk campus life, finals and what inspires them.
Anthony Anello and Jasmine Elshamy
Anthony Anello and Jasmine Elshamy Monica Simoes
Jasmine Elshamy
Jasmine Elshamy Monica Simoes

Who: Anthony Anello & Jasmine Elshamy
Stopped: Outside Second Stage Theatre on 43rd Street

Are you guys waiting for tickets to see a show today?
Anthony Anello: We’re lining up for student rush tickets to see Dear Evan Hansen. We got here around 3 PM and hopefully by 6 PM they’ll give us tickets—if they have any.

What have you heard about the show?
AA: Really good things. We’re big fans of Dogfight by Pasek and Paul so we’re excited.
Jasmine Elshamy: Fans of Ben Platt, too!

What have you been doing to pass the time?
JE: I had a final paper due at 5 PM today so I brought my computer and was working on that. Anthony opened a hotspot on his phone and I emailed it to my teacher. It was tense for a while but we’re good now.

What are you studying?
AA: Dramatic Writing at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. I’m going to choose Playwriting as my concentration.
JE: I’ll probably choose TV.

Jasmine, what would you like to see more of on TV?
JE: I wish TV had more real Middle Eastern and Hispanic people. More representation. We can do better!

Anthony, why do you want to be a playwright?
AA: I feel like I have a lot to say about the world and a message to put out there. I’ve always been someone who likes to tell stories, and I have a really dark humor.

<b data-rte2-sanitize="bold">Anthony Anello </b>
Anthony Anello Monica Simoes

If the two of you were to write a show together, what would it be about?
AA: It would be crazy!
JE: It could be about Anthony and I being RA’s at Tisch—we both really want to be Resident Assistants—maybe in our last year of school.

What do you love about campus life?
AA: I like that I have a core group of friends that are always around. I live on Long Island, so I almost didn’t stay on campus, and I’m really glad I chose to. I’ve formed great relationships with people this past year; that’s how I met Jasmine.
JE: I really love the community aspect, too. It can sometimes feel like a sleepover whenever you want. I come from a small town where I’m used to driving and space, so for me the only downside—I love the city but something that took some getting used to—is that you’re never really alone. It’s hard to get a moment alone.

Do you think you’ll stay in New York?
AA: We were actually just now talking about wanting to get an apartment together here after college.

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