Inverse Theatre Passes Off a Three Dollar Bill, from Dec. 1

News   Inverse Theatre Passes Off a Three Dollar Bill, from Dec. 1
Three Dollar Bill is the name of a new bill of three related one-acts offered by the Inverse Theatre Company at Center Stage, beginning Dec. 1. The work, by Kirk Wood Bromley, is directed by Howard Thoresen.

The triple attraction concerns what the Inverse terms the "curious cultural convergence, so baffling to many," of U.S. citizens who are both gay and politically conservative.

The first play, What Are You Thinking, Mary Cheney?, takes as its central character Vice President Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter who, far from resenting her father, worked on his reelection campaign in 2004. In the work, Mary is "finally pushed to come out of the closet and into the sound bite. In a smooth tirade of self-justification, she explains her controversial 'lifestyle choice' to the captive liberal activists in her mind. But will her empowered paranoia inevitably prove that you can either sleep with the enemy or sleep with your lover, but never both?"

Play No. 2 is Civilization and its Disco Tents. In it, "a real-time 'gay conversion therapy' session between an ex-gay therapist and a supposedly gay, but wanting to be straight, patient 'turns queer' when the therapist discovers that the patient is actually straight and wants to be gay."

Finally, The Welcome Mask is called "your standard 'coming out' family drama." Home life will never be the same for the family in question when the son arrives with an extra feature on his face that his father angrily insists ought not to be there.

The cast includes Gillian Chadsey, Elisa Pearl Blynn, John McConnel, Robert Laine, Timothy Reynolds, Sonja O'Hara and David Nash. Tickets will be $15. Reservations can be made at

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