"John Adams" — with Giamatti, Linney, Barnett, Sewell and Ivanek — Debuts on HBO March 16

News   "John Adams" — with Giamatti, Linney, Barnett, Sewell and Ivanek — Debuts on HBO March 16
"John Adams" — a seven-part epic miniseries that explores American history while offering a portrait of one of its founding fathers, John Adams — makes its broadcast premiere March 16 on HBO.
Laura Linney in
Laura Linney in "John Adams." Photo by Kent Eanes/HBO

The first two parts of the HBO Films miniseries, which was directed by Tom Hooper, will air back-to-back beginning at 8 PM ET.

The starry cast boasts several theatre veterans. Among the nearly 60-person cast are Paul Giamatti as John Adams, Laura Linney as Abigail Adams, Stephen Dillane as Thomas Jefferson, Tom Wilkinson as Benjamin Franklin, David Morse as George Washington, Sarah Polley as Nabby Adams (Adult), Madeline Taylor as Nabby Adams (Young), Ebon Moss-Bachrach as John Quincy Adams (Adult), Stephen Hinkle as John Quincy Adams (Young), Kevin Trainor as Charles Adams (Adult), Samuel Barnett as Thomas Adams (Adult), Rufus Sewell as Alexander Hamilton, Danny Huston as Samuel Adams, Mamie Gummer as Sally Smith-Adams, Jason Butler Harner as Oliver Wolcott Jr., Zeljko Ivanek as John Dickinson and Zak Orth as James McHenry.

Laura Linney and Paul Giamatti
photo by Kent Eanes/HBO

Based on David McCullough's Pulitzer Prize-winning book, "John Adams," press notes state, is "told through the eyes of Adams and his wife Abigail [and] taps into the uncertainty and intensity surrounding the birth of the American republic and its first 50 years. The miniseries presents an intimate portrait of a man who played a major role in forming the American nation, though few Americans are familiar with the story. A farmer and a lawyer, Adams struggled to find the delicate balance between his love for his wife and family and his passion for his country as he rose to be a leader of the American independence movement. He was the driving force in uniting the colonies in their decision to declare independence from Great Britain, paving the way for his role as one of America's founding fathers." Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman are executive producers of "John Adams"; co-executive producers are Kirk Ellis and Frank Doelger. The miniseries was produced by David Coatsworth and Steven Shareshian.

Episodes 1-4 and 5-7 were penned by Kirk Ellis; Ellis and Michelle Ashford wrote Episode 4. Part 1, "Join or Die," debuts on HBO March 16 at 8 PM. Part 2, "Independence," debuts March 16 at 9:10 PM. Part 3, "Don't Tread on Me," debut March 23 at 9 PM. Part 4, "Reunion," debuts March 30 at 9 PM.

For more information visit HBO Films online at hbo.com/films/johnadams.

Paul Giamatti and David Morse (center)
Paul Giamatti and David Morse (center) Photo by Kent Eanes/HBO.
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