Kansas City Performing Arts Center Unveils Interior Design

Classic Arts News   Kansas City Performing Arts Center Unveils Interior Design
Architect Moshe Safdie introduced the design for the interior of the Metropolitan Kansas City Performing Arts Center at a meeting this week, the Kansas City Star reports.

The $326 million complex, which is scheduled to break ground next fall, will include a 1,600-seat symphony hall, a 1,600-seat theater for opera and ballet, and a smaller, flexible performance space.

The symphony hall, which will house the Kansas City Symphony, is laid out in the round, with 200 seats behind the stage and an acoustic canopy hanging above it. The ceiling, according to the Star, makes use of the same curves as Safdie's previously unveiled "snail-shell" roof.

The proscenium theater for opera and ballet features a 50-foot-deep stage and generous wing space.

The third theater, which replaces a previously planned 500-seat theater, can be converted to a 250-seat concert hall, 400-seat ballroom, or educational space.

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