Keke Palmer Pleads for Law Enforcement to ‘March Beside Us’

Black Lives Matter   Keke Palmer Pleads for Law Enforcement to ‘March Beside Us’
Broadway’s former Cinderella, Scream Queens star, and recording artist is shown on camera begging for the National Guard to join their march.
Keke Palmer
Keke Palmer Parisa Michelle/

In a video posted to Twitter June 2, actor-singer Keke Palmer pleads for troopers of the National Guard to “march beside us.”

Palmer was part of a peaceful march in Los Angeles to protest the murder of George Floyd and in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. NBC News reporter Gadi Schwartz captured the moment on camera and posted to her Twitter feed.

The video shows Palmer saying, “You have a President talking about the second amendment as a use for people to come out here and use firearms against the people protesting, these are the messages we're seeing.

“We have a President that's trying to incite a race war and when the borders are closed we can't leave,” she implores. “You have people in here that need your help. Y'all stand together with the community, with the society to stop the governmental oppression. Period. We need you.”

One trooper responds, “I agree with you.”

To which Palmer responds, “So then march with us. March beside us. Get your people. March beside us. March beside us. March beside us. Let the revolution be televised. March beside us and show us that you're here for us. Make history with us, please! Let's just do it. March with us. We'll start marching, you march with us.”

In the end, the trooper remained steadfast that he had to “patrol this area” and took a knee in that zone. Palmer can be heard saying, “That ain’t enough for me.”

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