Last Chance: Schedule of Upcoming Broadway and Off-Broadway Show Closings

Insider Info   Last Chance: Schedule of Upcoming Broadway and Off-Broadway Show Closings
What shows are about to close in New York City?
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Here is the list of upcoming Broadway and major Off-Broadway show closings. Grab tickets before it’s too late!

This list is updated regularly.

Closing Sunday, October 3, 2021

Off-Broadway: SoHo Playhouse
Written and Performed by Robert Dubac
Diected by Garry Shandling

In The Book of Moron, creator/performer Robert Dubac has been bombarded by so much hype and spin, he can’t tell the difference between truth and illusion. Is it fact or fiction? Is it a blank stare or is it botox? Thankfully, he has five inner voices who help wake him from this coma of stupidity.

Closing Friday, October 8, 2021

Off-Broadway: The Frederick Loewe Theatre @ Hunter College
Written by Richard Nelson
Directed by Richard Nelson
Cast includes Charlotte Bydwell, Haviland Morris, Maryann Plunkett, Jay O. Sanders, Matilda Sakamoto, Rita Wolf, Yvonne Woods

This 12th and final work of the Rhinebeck Panorama (consisting of the four Apple Family plays, three plays about The Gabriels, 2019's The Michaels, and the Zoom series, A Pandemic Trilogy, follows the Michaels family on a post-pandemic trip to France to attend a student dance festival.

Closing Sunday, October 10, 2021

Broadway: August Wilson Theatre
Written by Antoinette Nwando
Directed by Dayna Taymor
Cast includes: John Michael Hill, Namir Smallwood, Gabriel Ebert

Evoking heartbreak, hope, and joy over its 85 minutes, Pass Over crafts everyday profanities into poetic and humorous riffs, illuminating the unquestionable human spirit of young men looking for a way out.

Closing Sunday, October 17, 2021

Off-Broadway: Lucille Lortel Theatre
Written by Martyna Majok
Directed by Rebecca Frecknall
Cast includes Jasai Chase-Owens, Sharlene Cruz, Austin Smith

DREAMers. Love(r)s. Life-long friends. Negotiating the promise of safety and the weight of responsibility, they’ll fight like hell to establish a place for themselves and each other in America.

Closing Sunday, October 31, 2021

Off-Broadway: Connelly Theatre
Written by Sarah Rose Kearns
Directed by Eric Tucker
Cast includes Sarah Rose Kearns, Rajesh Bose, Caroline Grogan, Nandita Shenoy, Jamie Smithson, Randolph Curtis Rand, Shaun Bennet Fauntleroy, Claire Hsu, Annabel Capper, Yonatan Gebeyehu

In the aftermath of the Napoleonic wars, a shy English spinster seeks to win back the love of the man she jilted eight years before. Jane Austen's last and most romantic novel, Persuasion first appeared in print in 1818, and is a meditation on love and loss, and what is constant in a changing world.

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