Line-Up for One Man Talking Solo-Fest Announced

News   Line-Up for One Man Talking Solo-Fest Announced
Emerging Artists Theatre has announced the 18 new works that will be featured in its One Man Talking developmental solo-work festival.

As Emerging Artists Theatre gears up for its one-woman play festival One Woman Standing (May 12-18), curators William Reinking and Tom Greenman have announced the complete line-up of solo works developed by men for One Man Talking – running May 20-25.

The schedule for One Man Talking follows:

  • Manchild Machismo
    Written and performed by A. B. Lugo; directed by Leslie "ButtaFlySoul" Taylor.
    "Manchild Machismo explores Tito's search for masculinity and what it means to be Latino through unlikely sources - the men in his family."(May 20, 7 PM)
  • History Remembers
    Book, music and lyrics by Peter Saxe; performed by Jeremy J. Sullivan with Michael Kingon at the piano.
    "A one-man musical play about a brilliant and successful young gay man whose struggle with shame and pride climaxes at an important turning-point in his life." (May 21, 7 PM)


  • Aloha Oy!
    Written and performed by Jeffrey Vause.
    "Hawaii meets Manhattan in one actor's search for self-discovery with sometimes hilarious and unexpected results." (May 22, 7 PM)
  • Minotaur
    Written by Richard Ploetz.
    "A minotaur makes this trip from Brooklyn to the Whitney Art Museum on Madison Avenue via the MTA subway system where he crashes the exhibition of Picasso and the American artists he influenced." (May 22, 9 PM)
  • High Plains
    Written and performed by Brian Watkins.
    "A rampant chase spurred by sibling rivalry forces a young man onto the eastern plains of Colorado where a violent encounter changes the course of his life." (May 22, 9 PM)
  • One Brief Shining Moment
    Written and Performed by Marc Castle; directed by Melissa Attebery.
    "A long look at my short career as a child in show business." (May 23, 7 PM)
  • In Stages
    Written by Nakia Oglesby; performed by Brooks Asher; directed by Mandy Peters.
    "An actor has created the greatest show of his career, but the only thing standing in his way is life, grief, self-discovery, clothing, disappointment and fornication." (May 23, 9 PM)
  • Freud at the Crossroads in Rome
    Written by Bob L. Lippman.
    "Having readied himself and summoned courage, Sigmund Freud, 45, has entered Rome and crossed the threshold of the Church of Saint Peter in Chains. In that gloomy church where Michelangelo's Moses is stationed, Freud undergoes the trial of his life." (May 23, 9 PM)
  • Scrambled Eggs
    Written and performed by Chuck Novatka; directed by Lucas Van Egan.
    "Anthony Pacarelli III is an hour away from putting a lifelong family curse to rest. With the help of a transgender aunt, David Letterman tickets, and Spaghetti O's he may just succeed." (May 23, 9 PM)
  • A Day in the Life
    Written and performed by David Goldman.
    "A comedy depicting a series of phone calls received by a singer/songwriter in his apartment as he struggles to complete a song by a deadline." (May 23, 9 PM)
  • The Sword Swallower's Husband
    Written and performed by Richard Davis.
    "A darkly comic monologue in which a man at the edge of suicide remembers his life in the circus: his sword swallower wife, the Amazing Tattooed Man, his pet goat (Bucky), and his decision to end it all." (May 24, 7 PM)
  • Succor
    Written and performed by Scott Klavan.
    "A man, responding to his girlfriend's marriage proposal, examines the state of modern male-female relations." (May 24, 7 PM)
  • Night Light
    Written and performed by Jon Spano; directed by Stephen Field.
    "An exhausted chef has news for his emotionally-detached wife." (May 24, 7 PM)
  • Rudy When Riding
    Written by Jonathan Joy; performed by Aaron Kaburick.
    "Rudy, a young man unhappy at home and dissatisfied at work, decides to set off on a bizarre cross-country trek on his cheap motorcycle." (May 24, 7 PM)
  • I'm Not Oedipus
    Written and performed by Jay Nachman.
    "A cheery little tale about the death of the performer's mother, laced with themes of religion, sex, loss, and rock & roll. The perfect show for anyone who has, or has ever had, a mother." (May 24, 9 PM)
  • Banana Thomas
    Written and performed by Chris Loar.
    "What happens to a person on the first day of becoming completely unhinged? Banana Thomas is a young man on the edge, on the street, in your face and in your heart."(May 24, 9 PM)
  • Bombs & Manifestos
    Written and performed by Brian Polak.
    "A lonely subway musician shares his admiration for the Unabomber while he performs for the final time." (May 25, 3 PM)
  • Blood, Sex & Tears
    Written and performed by Glynn Borders.
    "One man's sexual journey from innocence to decadence to reverence." (May 25, 5 PM) All performances will be followed by a talkback session with the performers and writers.

    Tickets for One Man Talking, priced $10, are available by visiting or by phoning (866) 811-4111.

    The Roy Arias Theatre Center is located at 300 West 43rd Street (5th floor) in Manhattan.

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