"Little Did I Know," a Novel by Producer Mitchell Maxwell, Hits Shelves Oct. 5

News   "Little Did I Know," a Novel by Producer Mitchell Maxwell, Hits Shelves Oct. 5
"Little Did I Know," a new book about embracing destiny in an unforgettable summer theatre season, written by Broadway producer Mitchell Maxwell, is released by Prospecta Press Oct. 5.

Cover art for "Little Did I Know"
Cover art for "Little Did I Know"

In Maxwell’s coming-of-age tale, Sam August finds out what it takes to live his dream to take over a summer theatre—taking on small-town prejudices, shady characters and the seductive wife of the most powerful man in town.

Maxwell, producer of seven Broadway shows and numerous Off-Broadway and touring productions, relives his first summer producing experience in "Little Did I Know."

According to press notes, "The signatures on his college diploma are barely dry when Samuel August points his 1969 Mustang south to Plymouth, Massachusetts to meet his destiny. Four years of acting onstage instead of accepting his athletic scholarship worked the greasepaint into his blood and he is determined to continue the magic. He’s on his way to answer a rental ad for the historic Priscilla Beach Theater in Plymouth, to give his small group of theatrical friends the chance to remain together and create a life treading the boards. But before the first spot can be lit, Sam must face cold reality in the form of the cantankerous descendant of one of Plymouth’s oldest families who rules the bucolic seaside town of Plymouth with malicious might. Dr. Anderson Barrows doesn’t have much use for youth in general or Sam in particular, but his young wife does – and she forces Sam into a perplexing moral and financial dilemma. Does he accept her backing, and what it will cost him, or find a way to finance the theater himself?"

Maxwell has produced the Tony Award-nominated productions of Blues in the Night, Damn Yankees and Bells Are Ringing. He was also producer of Play On!, Brooklyn and Stomp!

For more information visit www.mitchellmaxwell.com or click here.

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