Live Carnegie Hall Recording of Kristina Due in April

News   Live Carnegie Hall Recording of Kristina Due in April
The live Carnegie Hall recording of the concert version of Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus' Kristina, which played Carnegie Hall in September 2009, will be released on the Decca label April 5 in the U.K., according to the Dress Circle website. A U.S. release is scheduled for May 4, according to the Decca website.
Helen Sj
Helen Sj

Helen Sjöholm, who originated the title role in the Swedish production of Kristina, repeated her work for New York audiences at the famed Manhattan venue, where she was joined by internationally renowned tenor Russell Watson in the role of Karl Oskar. Mamma Mia!'s Louise Pitre played Ulrika with Les Miserables' Kevin Odekirk as Robert.

The company also featured Derin Altay, Chris Bohannon, Jane Brockman, Walter Charles, Rebecca Eichenberger, Osborn Focht, Blythe Gruda, Liz Griffith, Joy Hermlyn, David Hess, Michael James Leslie, T. Doyle Leverett, Rob Lorey, Frank Mastrone, Raymond Jaramillo McLeod, Linda Mugleston, Jan Neuberger, Robert Ousley, Sal Sabella, Greg Stone, Jessica Vosk and Kathy Voytko.

Lars Rudolfsson directed the concerts; Paul Gemignani conducted the 50-piece American Theatre Orchestra.

The complete track listing for "Kristina at Carnegie Hall" follows:

Overture - American Theatre Orchestra, Paul Gemignani
Path Of Leaves And Needles - Helen Sjöholm
Where You Go I Go With You - Helen Sjöholm, Russell Watson, Claire Tendl, Ensemble
Stone Kingdom - Helen Sjöholm, Russell Watson
Down To The Sea - Kevin Odekirk
A Bad Harvest - Russell Watson, Helen Sjöholm, Madeleine Rose Yen, Ensemble
No! - Helen Sjöholm, Russell Watson, Kevin Odekirk
He's Our Pilot - David Hess, Ensemble
Never - Louise Pitre
Golden Wheatfields - Helen Sjöholm, Russell Watson, Claire Tendl
All Who Are Grieving - Ensemble
We Open Up The Gateways - Robert Ousley, Helen Sjöholm, Russell Watson, Kevin Odekirk, Louise Pitre, David Hess, Ensemble
Peasants At Sea - Helen Sjöholm, Russell Watson, Ensemble
Lice - Helen Sjöholm, Louise Pitre, Joy Hermalyn, David Hess, Ensemble
In The Dead Of Darkness - Russell Watson
A Sunday In Battery Park - David Hess, Joy Hermalyn, Kevin Odekirk, Ensemble
Home - Helen Sjöholm, Claire Tendl, Madeleine Rose Yen, Josh Caggiano, Ensemble
American Man - Joy Hermalyn, Helen Sjöholm, Jessica Vosk, Louise Pitre, Walter Charles
Dreams Of Gold - Kevin Odekirk, Greg Stone, Russell Watson
Summer Rose - Helen Sjöholm, Ensemble
Emperors And Kings - Louise Pitre, Joy Hermalyn, David Hess, Russell Watson, Helen Sjöholm, Ensemble
Twilight Images Calling - Helen Sjöholm, Russell Watson
Queen Of The Prairie - Russell Watson, Claire Tendl, Madeleine Rose Yen, Josh Caggiano, Helen Sjöholm, David Hess, Joy Hermalyn, Raymond Jaramillo McLeod
Wild Grass - Raymond Jaramillo McLeod, Russell Watson, Ensemble
Gold Can Turn To Sand - Helen Sjöholm, Kevin Odekirk, Claire Tendl
Wildcat Money - Russell Watson, Ensemble
To The Sea - Kevin Odekirk
Miracle Of God - Louise Pitre, Helen Sjöholm
Down To The Waterside - Ensemble
Miscarriage - Russell Watson, Louise Pitre
You Have To Be There - Helen Sjöholm
Here I Am Again - Helen Sjöholm, Russell Watson
With Child Again - Helen Sjöholm, Ensemble
Rising From Myth And Legend - Ensemble
I'll Be Waiting There - Helen Sjöholm, Russell Watson The musical, which features English lyrics by Herbert Kretzmer, is described as "the inspiring story of one woman and her family's struggle in Sweden and their subsequent emigration to America in search of a better life."

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