MARQUEE VALUE: Rock 'n' Roll at the Jacobs Theatre

Marquee Value   MARQUEE VALUE: Rock 'n' Roll at the Jacobs Theatre
Production: Rock 'n' Roll, written by Tom Stoppard, directed by Trevor Nunn, starring Brian Cox, Sinead Cusack and Rufus Sewell.

Previews: October 19, 2007

Opening: November 4, 2007

Venue: Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre, 242 West 45th Street, New York, NY

It's August 1968 and Russian tanks are rolling in to Prague. Jan, the Czech student, lives for rock music, Max, the English professor, lives for Communism and Esme, the flower child, is high. By 1990, the tanks are rolling out, the Stones are rolling in and idealism has hit the wall. A deeply felt look at the connection between rock music and revolution, spanning two countries, three generations and 22 years.

photos by David Gewirtzman
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