Meet The Woman Who Sees Nearly Every Performance of Hamilton

Outside the Theatre   Meet The Woman Who Sees Nearly Every Performance of Hamilton
Working front of house at the Richard Rodgers Theatre means she's able sneak a look at the world-famous show whenever she can.
Eileen Dougherty
Eileen Dougherty Monica Simoes
Eileen Dougherty
Eileen Dougherty Monica Simoes

Who: Eileen Dougherty
Stopped: Outside Roundabout Theatre Company on 46th Street

Where are you off to today?
I’m going to work at the Richard Rodgers Theatre.

At Hamilton! What do you do there?
I'm in the front of the house. I’m a sound associate working with the infrared headset distribution.

How does it feel being a part of this landmark show?
It's extraordinary and so exciting. I’ve been in a lot of theatres and gone to a lot of shows but with Hamilton, there’s a certain energy that people come in with; it's sometimes a little aggressive, but always excited. They just can’t wait to see this show and almost without fail, they think it’s the best thing ever. I personally think Lin-Manuel Miranda is a genius and has changed the face of theatre. I didn’t think I’d ever really be saying that, but he’s woven together different styles of music and history; he’s brought in different kinds of people from politicians to school children. It’s really amazing what he’s done.

Do you get to see Hamilton every night?
I don’t watch it every night but I always go in and peek at things whenever I can.

Do you have a favorite moment in the show?
Leslie Odom, Jr. singing “The Room Where it Happens.” He’s so utterly dynamic. Everybody in the cast is extraordinary so it’s hard to single out somebody.

How did you get into working with headset distribution?
Through friends of mine who are in the theatre. My whole life revolves around theatre anyway! It’s my passion. I wanted to be an actress, but do you recognize me? No. So I’m watching from the other side.

Do you still perform?
I do. I’ve been in about seven shows Off-Off-Broadway in the last two years.

What do you think it is about theatre that hooks people in for life?
It’s about the passion in people’s lives, that may be sometimes missing in real life, but is there on the stage. Whether that be neurotic, violent, aggressive, peaceful, or glorious —it’s something that takes them out of their sometimes dreary existence and puts them in a happier place, or just enhances their good times.

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