Mozart Deemed Too 'Samey' for BBC Marathon

Classic Arts News   Mozart Deemed Too 'Samey' for BBC Marathon
BBC Radio 3 won't be following its successful Beethoven and Bach marathons with the complete works of Mozart, reports the London Telegraph.

Despite the 250th anniversary celebrations of the composer's birth in 2006, Roger Wright, the controller of Radio 3, said, "Our view is that with Mozart end to end, the overall effect would be detrimental to the music. The music could wrongly be seen as slightly more chocolate-boxy than it really is."

The station will play all of Mozart's works throughout the year, just not in a marathon format. "While it may work for some composers, we don't think it would work to play Mozart back to back, 24/7. The overall effect of putting his particular style of music together could be rather samey," said Sian Davis, a spokesman for Radio 3.

The Bach marathon this month and the Beethoven marathon in June were enthusiastically received, but reaction to the decision not to follow suit with Mozart has been less positive.

Anthony Lewis-Crosby, managing director of the London Mozart Players, told the Telegraph, "There is nothing chocolate-boxy about Mozart. It is all wonderful music."

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