New York Drama Critics' Circle Fails to Reach Consensus on Spider-Man Reviews

News   New York Drama Critics' Circle Fails to Reach Consensus on Spider-Man Reviews
When members of the New York Drama Critics' Circle assembled the evening of Jan. 31, one of the topics up for discussion was whether critics should review Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark prior to its official opening March 15.

The $65 million musical, which began previews in November 2010, has postponed its opening several times, leading several critics to question whether the newest opening date should be respected.

In his Time Out blog, New York Drama Critics' Circle president Adam Feldman said no consensus was reached in this discussion.

Feldman writes, "On the question of Spider-Man, however, no such agreement was in evidence. Meetings are confidential, so I can only say that the discussion was spirited but that we did not resolve to stick to any specific course of action as a group on the question of when to review the show, whose preview period has been extended multiple times. We remain, in the end, a loose affiliation of highly opinionated individuals—some of whom have already staked out public positions on the issues in question—with strongly held personal beliefs as well as differing editorial pressures beyond our control. As appealing as the notion might have been that we could somehow band together under a common philosophy, we remain fundamentally resistant to collective action. Although certain general guidelines about our respective coverage of Spider-Man were floated at the meeting, it is hard to say if any really landed—or, if they did, what such a landing might even mean on a ground that shifts so quickly."

The New York Drama Critics' Circle comprises 22 drama critics from daily newspapers, magazines, wire services and websites based in the New York metropolitan area. Adam Feldman, theatre critic for Time Out New York, has served as president of the NYDCC since 2005. Elisabeth Vincentelli of the New York Post serves as vice president; Joe Dziemianowicz of the Daily News is treasurer; Eric Grode is recording secretary.

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